July 30th, 1962                                    “The Value of God’s Word”                                 Late Mr. N. Daniel


James 1:21

We are born of the Incorruptible word. I Peter 1:22 Again and again we must look into the Word. Many meanings escape our attention as we read. Layer after layer of truth is revealed as we read again and again. The value of your spiritual life depends on the value you give to the Word of God. The Spirit touches your spirit and then your spirit touches your mind. Then you express the Word through your mind. Your mind is thus developing in understanding. Again and again look into it. After your work in the kitchen, after a meal and in the evening, read it again and again even if it be the same portion. Your soul receives new power, your prayer becomes deeper and you find joy in prayer. The quality of your prayer improves. You ask less and less of worldly things. Our souls tend to be bound in shallow waters: but God leads us out into deeper waters. We are full of vanity and naughtiness. That will all go. The Spirit of God is working upon our souls. Isaiah 40:1-3. Your heart has got valleys and mountains. God wants to level it up. Verse 7. The Spirit of God blows upon you. Verse 8. Your sins are forgiven. Then remember your promises. Establish your sonship and your daughtership. Every day let it be seen in you. You must feel the liberty you receive from Him. Galatians 4:7 You are no more a servant. Verse 6. With a sense of liberty you can call God 'Abba Father' in your solitary prayer. God will be very happy. He has a daughter. So far she asked for worldly things. Now she asks for God Himself. God told Abraham, "I am your reward." Have you entered into this liberty?

James 1:22 Be ye doers. God sees more beauty in you than you can see. When the Word of God works in your soul, some great things will come out of you. You do not know what they will be. Angels are arranging for it. God will use you in a unique way. He needs you. He cannot build His kingdom without you. You think, “If I graduate from University, it is enough.” You must contribute something to the Kingdom of God so that it shines brighter before the world, than it did before. In England and in Christian countries the children get an impetus from their mother's piety. The piety of the mother and the prayer of the father will not go in vain. Our Bible is a mirror. In the morning we saw a flaw in us in the Bible - mirror. Then we forgot to wash it. So we must look into it again. We easily forget what manner of men we are.

Verse 25. Take for example the matter of liberty. Civilized people feel free to move among cultured people. There is cultural liberty. We are trained in pronunciation and manners. We know how to move among educated people. There is a liberty you need to move among the angels. Poisonous thoughts are like foul breath to them. John walked in the streets of heaven. Paul was taken to the third heaven. Isaiah did not have that liberty. He cried out, “Woe is me ...” So the angel cleansed his lips with holy fire. Then he was released into that liberty. A daughter will not ask her father, “May I come near?” God is giving us that liberty. He bought us with a great price. God values us very much. Are we satisfied if we have money in our pocket to buy just one cup of coffee? No, it is not so. Do not be satisfied with just a little prayer. We must be able at any time to enter into His presence and call Him, 'Abba Father'. II Cor. 3:18 “But we all with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.” Do you believe this? As the incorruptible word works in you, you are transformed.

Verse 26. Keep your tongue and you will keep your soul from trouble. How sweet our tongue is if the Spirit of God rules our soul! It will be a great blessing. Psalms 34:13 “Keep your tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking guile.” I Peter 3:10 The devil wants to spoil your fitness to pray. Your words should have no negative emotions in them. Negative emotions produce sickness. People without guile will live long. Your body will not suffer much by sickness. When you follow the incorruptible Word, your body is kept healthy.