July 1957                            “Confidence That Comes Through Faith”                 Late Mr. N. Daniel


ACTS 27: 23 -25

The confidence that comes through faith is contagious and spreads to others. Fearfulness that is born of unfaith is also contagious. The Lord is by the side of the believer and Satan is beside the unbeliever. Satan expresses himself through the words of the unbeliever. He will be full of fears and will lead others into defeat and unfaith. This plague of unbelief is freely spreading among the ungodly generation of today and sin is on the increase.

            St. Paul was among 276 men on the ship. There was not another man with faith in that company. God said, “I will give you all those that are sailing with you.” The angel of the Lord strengthened him, and told him very clearly that no danger would come upon those on the ship. To start with, the centurion would not heed the warning of Paul and set sail from Crete. Paul told them the journey would be fraught with danger. Now they began to see that Paul's words came to pass. Though in a helpless state himself, this man of God, Paul began to help others around him. Through Paul, they were all saved. We cannot estimate how much danger is averted through one man with the righteousness of faith. God will not allow His children to perish along with the people of unfaith. No matter what circumstances prevail in your school, office, hospital, home, finally everybody will be benefited because of you.  God will work so that everyone will listen to what you say. You are in this world, God has placed you in that situation, but God will work there for you. Paul’s hands were tied, he was a prisoner, he was not in a position to give advice or exercise authority. But finally, the centurion, the soldiers and all the passengers came to listen to the words of St. Paul. Though as a prisoner, his hands were bound by chains, within his soul, he enjoyed true liberty. Even when clapped in prison, those who are free in their souls can see beyond the prison walls and can freely understand many things. You may be a man living in a free country, but if you are bound by sin, you are truly a prisoner. Those who live in impurity are prisoners in the terrible prison of adultery. Some are bound in the prison of self-seeking. Some are bound in the prison of impatience. They cannot come out! Though the ship on which Paul was sailing sank, everyone reached land safely. Those who are bound by sin are overtaken by terrible storms. In these storms, the help they trusted in, fails and they sink.

St. Paul told them that no life would be lost. When they all landed, safely on the island and they saw the miracles and ministry of St. Paul they would have all turned to the Lord. The crew and prisoners were treated to much hospitality. This was because Paul prayed over the Father of Publius who lay sick of a fever and of a bloody flux. The man was healed. Seeing this, others which had diseases came and were healed. The people honored the survivors of the shipwreck with many honors and laded them with such things as were necessary, when they boarded another ship. (Acts 28:8-10) Enjoying kind, hospitality for three months because of Paul, they would have listened to his preaching. What a great God we have! He prepares a table before our enemies and makes our cup to run over. Enjoying the overflowing mercies of God, they would have wondered what kind of a God Paul's was. Many homes are intact today because of the faith of the wife! Churches are stable because they have a few members with true faith. No matter how many unbelievers there are in your school, because of your example and your testimony, the school is receiving blessing from God. Christians are oppressed in certain offices. But after some time, their colleagues will come to understand that Christians alone are dependable and honest. They will entrust them with responsibilities. Was it a small matter that Joseph was made the ruler of Egypt? The people recognized that he was a man with the Spirit of God and they accepted his elevation to that place of responsibility. Did anyone come up to compete with Joseph for that post? God brought Joseph to a state of usefulness where he was peerless. Gen.21:22. King Abimelech and his chief captain Phichol spoke to Abraham saying, “We see that God is with you in all that you do.” Idolators could notice this in Abraham’s life. Kings will see that God is with you and they will minister to you. (Isaiah 62:2)

Look at how God exalted Isaac. Obeying the instructions of God and exercising patience. Isaac found that Abimelech and Phichol came to him. Gen.26:28 “Truly we have seen that God is with you. Let there be a treaty between us and you.” The children of God will finally receive honor. Their faith will bring them blessing. They are trusting in God, which means trusting in His Word. They are following the Word of God believing that it is life, health and blessing to them. Such would reap their rewards. He that waits for God will not be put to shame. Spread His gospel by Word and by your example wherever God has placed you. Honor Him there. The love of God is perfected in him, who obeys God’s Word. Such will abide in Him. He who abides in God will be a strong man. Paul never experienced defeat anywhere. Paul died to sin and to the world. He was crucified with Christ. He said, “All things are lawful unto him but all things are not profitable.” He who seeks that highest gain will not go after small benefits. He may attain that high goal of fruitfulness which he sought after. But that will surely come. Those who seek that which is above will draw many through their example.

The Lord was with Isaac. The Bible says that God was with Ishmael too. Gen.21:20. God listened to the cry of Ishmael. But Hagar was an Egyptian woman. Instead of praying, she just wept. Those who have the desires of Egypt and the pride of Egypt can only weep in the time of trouble but cannot exercise faith. The little boy Ishmael seems to have some experience of prayer. But he did not have the faith to continue with Abraham and Eliazer, Isaac and Sarah in Abraham's family of faith. Because of the training he received under Abraham, he might have been good to a certain extent. There is nothing of faith that his mother could teach him. After he left the house of Abraham, his mother brought an Egyptian damsel to be his wife. The little godliness he had, could not have survived after this. Traditions and disregard for faith can do children a great deal of harm. We see this in the type of matches that are made.

“Godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. And having food and raiment let us be therewith content.” (1Timothy 6:6-8) Paul rejoiced in the Lord. His preaching Christ as a prisoner in chains is the solid proof of his inward freedom. This is true freedom. It is a victory that fully overcomes every hindrance, every hindering circumstance through hope. If you cannot glorify Christ in the place where you are, do not think you can succeed in some other place. Take hold of the Lord in prayer, until you make your church a prayer group, until you make your family a spiritual unit and your townsmen to be pilgrims to the Celestial City!

            Isaiah 62: 6 & 7 “Ye that make mention of His name keep not silent and give Him no rest till he establish and make Jerusalem a praise and worship.”

            Kings must see the glory of Christ. You must be a royal diadem in the hand of your God. You should build again the waste places and the desolations of many generations. (Isaiah 61:4) The heritage of Jacob or the experience of Jacob being transformed into Israel should be yours. You can claim it. The risen Christ will give you this blessing.