August 4th, 1963                                            An Anchor                                               Late Mr. N. Daniel


Psalm 146:5 "Happy is he that hath the God of Jacob for his help, whose hope is in the Lord his God:"


The Psalmist discovered a great truth in his life. Happy is the man who finds God, the God whom Jacob found. The beginning and end of Jacob's religious life was perfect. There was no vagueness in his experience. Many people having had some experience, go on asking for newer experiences. They think, "Oh! I have not spoken in tongues I want it." They see someone doing a miracle. They feel, "Oh! doing a miracle! I want to do like that." Thus by experiments, they go into wrong ways. But Jacob found a true God. Before this experience in Penuel, he had seen a ladder. Perhaps that gave him some satisfaction. “In a way God is with me,” he would have thought. But it did not satisfy him. There came a time when he could not go on with just such an experience. An experience of seeing a vision will not take you very far. It will not help you to overcome certain circumstances by faith. Jacob's father-in-law and brother-in-law came chasing him as he stealthily moved from his father-in-law's house. His own brother came against him with 400 men. He had no anchor to hold. Real faith is our anchor. When we possess this, even if winds blow and the waves beat, our ships will not overturn. If the beginning of your faith is correct, it will be a proper anchor for you in your life of faith. Jacob did not seek for an experience or vision that would pass away this time. But Jacob said, "I will not let Thee go." It is not enough if I've contacted you, I have held you and touched you. Yet it is not enough. I want the anchor of faith to hold me in my life. Jacob was arguing with God and asking for His blessing and asking for His Name. It was a strange experience. "Give me an anchor on which I can rely." Even for a small boat this anchor is important. Once there was a flood in the river Godavari. A boat was being drawn towards the dam. The rudder was broken. It was a dreadful plight. There may have been good swimmers in the boat. Yet they would not escape, because the boat would topple over the dam wall. They shouted, "Anchor, anchor !" They put out an anchor and they were immediately relieved. Have you got an anchor?

"Your father Isaac gave you a name. Now I will give you a new name, Israel", -- a name which is not given by man and which no man can give. Jacob was discovering his anchor of life. He was not going to be slipshod about his religion anymore. Some have no anchor. Their beginning was wrong. Their hearts were not completely washed. They did not go to the rock bottom of their hearts when they confessed their sins. "No past history or ancestry will I depend on anymore" said Jacob. “I will not depend on the experience of my grandfather or father. I will not let God go until I know He has blessed me.” Jacob found the God of such an assurance. Later he could say, "Oh! I met God. God called me Israel. I have found an anchor; at any stage I can fall back on it." Have you found that anchor? When the Lord teaches you, He will lead you that way. 49 years ago, when I met God, I confessed all my sins, for the Holy Spirit revealed all my sins. These 49 years, that anchor was sufficient for me. I found my God. He forgave my sins. The Pentecostals and the 7th Day people tried to shake me. Many other people also tried to pull me this way and that way. But this anchor stood. God said, John 10:28 "My father is greater than all. He will give you abundant life." The Lord who gave you the anchor will not leave you. Once the Lord changed the name of Jacob, all his problems were solved. Isaiah 58:13,14. The man who has this experience, feels a power lightening him up. When the enemies come and work against you, God will work for you in a different way. You can depend upon that anchor. You have contact with the living God. You are in the Hand of God. "I will give him abundant life" says God.

Psalm 146:5 Have you got that God with you? Have you entered into a covenant with God? Jacob said, "I will not let thee go, except thou bless me." Jacob was not a bachelor then. He had a big family. Around him were enemies. But he was now in a new place of covenant with God. God was following Jacob. Once we find this anchor, He will never leave us. He will lead us into all truth. But you must obey. Many want to contact God, but they want to live in their own way. Then this anchor will not work. This anchor will not function anywhere and everywhere. You must follow God's will. Jesus followed His father's will. The whole world was against Him. He never went back. Now Jacob found the anchor. His sons dragged him into danger. Sometimes our children lead us into danger. Yet this anchor will be with us. You will have Jacob's experience. Genesis 33:19,20. He bought a piece of land and built an altar there. That was a habit with Abraham. Wherever we go we build an altar and lay our anchor also. We call on the Almighty God. Then all the evil spirits tremble. Evil forces are all over the world. This news of your having found an anchor spreads through out the world. The devil says, "Here is a boy who builds an altar." One who understands the Truth will build an altar. Angels will come to your house. The eyes of your little children will watch you praying. Genesis 35:1-5 Change your garments. Some of our clothes are not clean. We must cleanse our ward robe. Some items there have not been bought with honest money. You have jewelry acquired by wrong associations. That must be buried. Jacob's family were now clean. The Holy Spirit was moving among them. Jacob went to Bethel and built another altar. His enemies could not stand against him. God was now in that family. No wonder Joseph and other great prophets rose from that family. An Altar now and prophets later on. Mighty men of God who can dispel darkness from the world, will arise out of such. Wherever your children are, they'll be a blessing. They will take new hope and an anchor not only for themselves but for others also. Anchor in Christ. Begin your life with a clean heart. Do not sell your time and energy for wasteful things. The experience of Jacob will come into your life. When you call on Him, He will say "Here I am." When the flood comes, the anchor will hold you. Even if your own rudder breaks, the Cross will hold you.