August 6th, 1962                                            “Be Ye Holy”                                              Late Mr. N. Daniel

God said to Moses, " I am holy and you must be holy." But people do not understand this. God wants to give us the concept of holiness. When the presence of God came down, the priests could not stand there. They went away. It means that their body was not fully sanctified. God not only wants your heart but your ears, eyes, lips, hands and feet. The imaginations of the heart must be acceptable to God. The priests could not stand there where the glory of the Lord filled the temple. We are co-workers with God. We must be holy and sanctified. Paul writes in II Cor. 6:16 and 17 that we must be separate from idol worshippers. We must not imbibe their thoughts. We must have God's thoughts. Their thoughts must not interfere with our devotion to God. II Cor. 7:1 “Perfecting holiness in the fear of God.” We must have godly sorrow for our weaknesses. II Cor. 7:10,11. Godly sorrow makes us careful. God wants to dwell with us. Without fulfilling these conditions we should not expect God to dwell with us. It is foolishness. We do not expect royalty to come and dwell in our houses. How much more should we be sanctified that God may dwell with us! You will get a reward for such life. The reward will be a peaceful home.

It is always good to choose the humble place. James 2:3-6. The mental state of Christians is defective. God's word has not done its deep work in that mind. In our places of worship we must feel that God is there. We must show respect to one another. James is warning that our thoughts are evil. You have respect for the rich and not for the poor. We have false prejudices. Once people hated sadhus. Sundar Singh in his sadhu garb was wandering in the Tibetan area. He had no food. He went to a missionary home. He was not received. But God sent him a packet of biscuits by post. Some people's mode of dress may not appeal to us - but they may be genuine Christians. They may be poor, but they may be righteous. They might point at our errors. We must not despise their correction. If we rub shoulders with the rich in faith, we will get faith.