August 8th, 1962                                                “God’s Way”                                             Late Mr. N. Daniel


Psalm 103:7 "He made known his ways unto Moses, his acts unto the children of Israel."


How is it that He revealed His ways and works to Moses and Israel only? What was the reason? God cannot teach all people. He can teach only those that are prepared to listen and receive and obey. Who was Moses? Moses came from a consecrated family. His brother and sister also were different from others. The level of faith of that home was such that God could enter in and prepare them for His purposes. God could not reveal Himself to Esau, but to Jacob, He did. What was the reason? God revealed His works to Israel. Israelites were the offspring of Abraham. Their beliefs and habits were different. The background of a home is very important. The life and faith of parents are very important. Moses' parents were very different. God would not have given a man like Moses into any other home. God was watching. “I have a prophet to send into the world”, He said, “Where shall I send him? Where shall I send John the Baptist?” Could He send him to any priest's home? Zechariah's life was tested and God found him and his wife perfect in the law of God. God saw they were perfect. They not only believed the law but practised it and it became their way of life. Faith should become a part of our life. When children come into that atmosphere, they begin to imbibe that faith. When parents seek God diligently, and with fear and trembling try to walk in His ways, they are preparing to bring up great per­sonalities. God could not send John the Baptist into any other home. Do not think John's coming into that home was by accident. God’s doings are not accidents. God's thoughts are high. Wisdom and judgment go into His acts.

             The emotions that Moses imbibed from his mother did not leave him even in Pharaoh's palace. When we get acquainted with very rich people or people of a far higher level than ours in society, we quickly adapt our ways to theirs. To travel in the car of a rich man and hold conversation with him will do you harm.

             God will not reveal Himself to you, because you value the big things of this life which are not big in God's sight. What kind of man was Moses? He was one who could meet God everyday. He gave Israel God's law. The impact of God's presence kept his body healthy even to the age of 120. Ps. 106:23 “Therefore he said he would destroy them, had not Moses his chosen stood before him in the breach, to turn away his wrath, lest he should destroy them”. Look at the great trait. All cannot do that. God was going to destroy all Israel. “Let them perish”, one can easily think. But Moses was not like that. He stood in the gap. “Wipe off my name from thy book,” he said. God's choice of Moses for His great revelations is fully justified when we read this portion.

             Ezek. 22:30 God is looking for a man who will firmly stand in the gap; risk his life and fight this spiritual battle. But he does not find such. God is grieved when He looks at our families. Our Christian colleges do not teach these things. Jacob would not let God go at Peniel. It was a great thing for worldly Jacob to come to that state of mind. He would have narrated to his little son Joseph all the events of that crucial night. He would have answered all his questions about the limp he suddenly developed overnight. He would have told him what the angel spoke to him. All this would have made a great impression on Joseph. Telling your children your first experience with God is a great blessing.