August 12th, 1959                                        "God is Mine Helper"                                              Late Mr. N. Daniel

Psalm 54:4

"Behold, God is mine helper; the Lord is with them that uphold my soul." David was in very great difficulties. He was pursued by a king who wanted to kill him. He was running from place to place. He was in Keilah and hoped he would be safe there. The men of Keilah said they would help David. But Saul was coming to besiege Keliah. David prayed and asked God if the men of Keilah would deliver him up to Saul. God said they would.

The people were not grateful for the valour of David, who saved them from slavery under the Philistines. The people were aiding Saul to kill David. David had no place to hide his head. Why did such a situation come about? It was all because of a song of some women. Envy entered so easily into Saul. As soon as envy enters into us, we must kill it. No one can stand against envy. It is a disease to the soul and body. It destroyed Saul and his family. Envy makes people mad. Saul became mad. An evil spirit was in him. Now and then he would weep and say "I have done wrong. You are right David. God will reward you." There is a stage in a sinner’s life when the devil allows him to understand his sin but does not allow him to be freed from its chains. Take care what spirit is reigning in your heart. There are many spirits in this world. They may work signs and wonders too. Be very careful to know what spirit is reigning in you.

David was calling on God to help him. He had no helpers. Once his 400 followers also turned against him. Then David encouraged himself in the Lord. Would to God we were like that when there comes great times of discouragement. David had left the cities of Israel and was in the wilderness with 400 followers and now they wanted to kill him. Every man will come into situations like this. David said, "God is my helper. Though my father and mother leave me God will not leave me." Where is your security? All our helpers are limited in their wisdom and righteousness and capacity to help. God is our unlimited helper. Sometimes we do not know when we are in danger. God alone can keep us. We are secure only in the lap of Jesus. Are we with God always? Once Sundar Singh had no place to sleep. He went into a dilapidated house to sleep. In the morning he found two snakes sleeping beside him. They had not harmed him. God was his helper. Ultimately God is our helper. He is thinking of you. God has got a perfect plan for you which He wants to fulfil. God was trying to fulfil His great plans in David’s life. "Behold God is my helper," said David. To come to a place where you can always say "God is my helper" is a great thing. Today a man said to me, "I got recommendation letter from a minister, yet I could not get a job." I thought he had not God as his helper. When you find God you have found everything. All your failures and all your sorrows are because you are far from God. David had great confidence in God. "Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever." God knows how to support you. If God denies you a meal, it means He has saved you from stomach-ache. There will always be good reasons for his denials. Every denial is a blessing. God means very well for you.