September 12th, 1990                      “Silver and Gold have I None”                            Bro. G. B. Solomon


Acts 3:6 “Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; ­but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.”


The children of God, when they start out to preach, carry Jesus with them and not silver or gold. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel brought Jesus with them when they left their jobs and came here. Only such people can make others rich. St. Paul says, “Being poor we make many rich; having nothing yet possessing all things.” I believe these statements sound strange to our countrymen. Peter and John went out for prayer. Praying people do great things for God. They lift others who are fallen. If you are not a praying man, you cannot lift anybody. You cannot lift up your own children. You cannot help anybody.

When the servants of God started this ministry, they came across many lame men. They were church members. They were religious people. But, they were lame. Lame in faith, lame in prayer and lame in love. They could not walk. When you are a lame man, somebody has to carry you. You cannot help anyone. Somebody has to pray for you. You cannot pray for anybody. You cannot carry anybody's burden. You cannot give anything to anybody, but others have to help you out with some money. You are a lame man! You cannot live by the Word of God. A beggar's mind is always worried about himself. It will not feel for other people. That mind will not feel sorry about others, but feel sorry for itself. It is full of self-pity. 'I am not able to walk and rejoice like other people. This is my fate. God has so ordered it that I suffer all my life.' If you are lame in prayer and in faith, you will also be filled with self-pity.

While this man was in such a sorry plight, suddenly two men appeared before him. Their message lifted him, healed him and made him whole. Forty years ago, I came here as a lame man. I listened to a message preached by late Mr. Daniel. That one message lifted me out of my lameness. I was made whole, and I have been running all these years for the gospel. Perhaps, you are a lame man and are looking around to find someone who can lift you and who can help you. Perhaps, doctors have never been able to help you. Fifty years ago, many churches were in a desolate state. God trained His servants and sent them to Madras. During these fifty-five years, many lame people and lame churches were made whole.

Peter said, “Lame man, look up. Don't look at our pockets. We are the sons of a great God. Look at Jesus. Have faith in Jesus.” It is our work to encourage such discouraged people who think they have lost everything and have no hope at all. We must console them. “Look at us. We are God’s children; God's servants. We have Jesus with us. We are not afraid of anything.”

To Nebuchadnezzar the king, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego said, “We are not afraid. We have an Almighty God. We believe in Him. You will also see Him one day.” God opened his blind eyes. He saw the Lord Jesus with them in the fire. Then he believed. And many people in that land believed. When you are firm in             faith, you will lift people who are fallen.

What a wonderful man Peter was! He said, “Look at us, not at our pockets. We are God’s servants. God will do a miracle in your life. We do not carry silver or gold. But there is something more valuable than silver and gold. That is faith in the Lord Jesus. We have that. So we are really rich. In the name of Jesus, rise up and walk. Give me your hand. You have given your hand to sooth-sayers and astrologers. But you have received nothing. Stretch out your hand to Jesus.”  Peter learnt that lesson when he was sinking in the sea during his maiden walk on the sea. He was terribly afraid of the wind and the boisterous sea. He began to sink. Unfaith pulled him down and he began to sink. He stretched out his hand to Jesus saying, “Lord raise me up; take hold of my hand.” Immediately, Jesus came and lifted him and saved him from sinking. He learnt a precious lesson. Now, he is teaching the lame man. “Give me your hand. Hold my hand. I carry Jesus. So Jesus will hold your hand. He is with me. He will reach out his hand and lift you up.” When you have this kind of faith, you will pass it on to others.

Elijah learnt a great lesson from God. He obeyed God's word and hid himself for prayer in the wilderness. He was alone in the empty wilderness. There was nobody to help and no food either. He learnt a very great lesson of faith by obedience. God will never forsake an obedient man. When the servants of God obeyed and came here to work, He never left them alone even for a moment. God protected Elijah in the wilderness and supplied him with food three and a half years. He learnt great faith in God. He began to teach that faith to the poor widow of Zarephath. “You do not have any meal or oil to spare. That will not matter. Bring me first a cake. Obey what I say. I have obeyed God in very difficult circumstances. You learn to obey and you will see blessing. God fed me three & a half years in the wilderness. He will feed you. Just obey. Do not be afraid that you are at the end of your resources and have no means of replenishing your stores. Bring me first a cake.” “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be provided”, says the Bible. Since Elijah had obeyed, he taught that lesson to the poor widow. She too obeyed and they lived many days on that very little meal and oil. When you 1earn lessons of faith like this, you will be able to teach others also. “Commit this teaching unto faithful people”, says the Bible.

The lame man gave his hand to Peter. He did not say, “Money first, please” but immediately gave his hand. Peter took hold of his hand and lifted him up. His legs received new strength. He leaped and began to walk. It was a wonderful experience to him and to others who were watching. Your conversion experience is wonderful to you and wonderful to others too.

After his healing, he did not run away from the servants of God saying, 'Oh, I can walk. I can now live an independent life. I am a strong man. My legs are strong. This blessing is enough for me. I can go anywhere I like and work anywhere I please and earn a lot of money. What have I to do anymore with these men?' He did not say that. There are ungrateful people in this world. They are not one with the servants of God after they have received much blessing. They are not grateful to God or to His servants. Acts 3:11: “And as the lame man which was healed held Peter and John, all the people ran together unto them in the porch that is called Solomon’s, greatly wondering.” This man's deep gratitude towards the servants of God, brought great blessing to many people. Many came to see that man. Then, Peter preached the gospel and many were blessed. Through such people with steadfast faith, many will receive blessing. Their testimony will be a great blessing to many. But if you are an unsteady man, no one will get a blessing. Let us be grateful to God.