September 12th, 1992                                  “God’s Will”                                         Mrs. N. Daniel


Psalm 143:10 “Teach me to do thy will; for thou art my God: thy spirit is good; lead me into the land of uprightness.” We are people, who always struggle to know God's will. King David was chosen for the Lord's work. He was chosen according to God's will to be a king over His people. He fulfilled the will of God all the days of his life. Even Samuel, the great prophet chosen by God for His people to be a prophet, once faced a situation when he found it hard to know God's will. From his childhood, he was in the temple of God, learning the things of God. He was given the blessing of hearing God speak to him. This experience was a normal thing with him. Once when he had to choose a king and anoint him to rule over Israel he had to go to Bethlehem. He went there to Jesse's home. Jesse had eight boys in his family. So, when the first one came before Samuel, he thought he was the person God would choose to be the king. He was tall, strong, and kingly in appearance. He was also the first-born in the family. So he thought, God would choose him to be the king. But God spoke to him and said “People look at the outward appearance of people, but I look at the heart. This is not the person.” Samuel was so used to hearing God speaking. In our Fellowship, God speaking is given the greatest importance. The servant of God, my husband taught us to value this above all. Through this the great gift of doing God's will can become ours. God told him “I have given you this great gift. Do not seek after tongues and other gifts. I have given you the best, that is knowing and doing my will.”

According to what God had said, Samuel did not choose any of those seven boys of the family. “Are these all thy sons?” he asked Jesse. Jesse said, “There is one more boy keeping the sheep.” And Samuel said, “Call him. He is the one to be the king.” Samuel the prophet anointed him and the spirit of the Lord came upon David, from that day forward. Ps. 143 : 10 is the prayer of David “Lord, teach me thy will.” So, till the end he was careful to do God's will.” So, though he had many trials and was persecuted and had many battles to fight, yet he was in God's will. It is not easy to know God's will, when we face problems. Generally our mind speaks to us. On the other side Satan will be prompting us to do his will. God's people, praying people will have the spirit of discernment also - to discern people. The highest life for anybody is doing God's will. We wanted to teach our own children to do God's will.

I want to thank all for your prayer for our safety on our long journeys and for blessing in our ministry. Prayer is a great pro­tection and to be in God's will is another great protection and blessing. We did not face big problems in our journey or in the ministry because the Lord was with us. We never thought we were going there to preach to people. My daughter and myself went to strengthen Joe's arms just like Aaron and Hur did for Moses. We wanted to strengthen Joe when he was preaching. We saw much power in Joe's preaching. To conduct three retreats continuously in three countries is not easy. But the Lord helped him and helped us also to do our part for the glory of God. In every place we saw the Spirit of God working and God was glorified. In Germany, a mother gave me glad news. She had won a great victory in prayer. The last time we were there, she was struggling with a big problem. Her daughter was giving her much trouble. We prayed for her problem. And this time, she was the first person to meet us and say that the Lord had solved the problem and everything in the family was peaceful. The Lord protected that daughter.

            There were no accidents in the three retreats; no deaths; no mishaps. So everyone was strengthened in faith. All the retreats were arranged according to God’s will and God’s glory was seen in our midst in those retreats. When anything is undertaken for the glory of God and in His will, there will be great victory. One sister told me, on my return, “You look as though, you just traveled to a suburb of Madras. So easily you have traveled. Your age did not hinder you and Satan did not trouble you and you have come back safely.” If we learn to do God’s will, we will be safe. If we continue in the habit of waiting to hear God speaking to us, it will be a great help to grow into God’s likeness. May God help us to learn to hear God speaking to us! May God give us His strength to do His will!