September 15th, 1963                         “There is Forgiveness at the Cross”                            Mr. N. Daniel


Psalm 130:4 "But there is forgiveness with thee, that thou mayest be feared."

We do not have any share in His nature if we are not born-again. We do not have the capacity to understand Him and obey Him. If the grace of God does not enter people, how can they obey the truth? A sinner has no place in the presence of God. It is through the grace of God you get humility and brokenness.

Psalm 51:17 We need a broken spirit to appear before God. Doctors will not allow us to enter into the operation theatre - they will not use our tissues. They are so careful to use only sterilized material. Yet we enter into God's presence and demand His presence even though we do not deserve it. "Lord, I am unworthy, teach me to know my sins." Pray like this. A math teacher does not give you up because you worked out one sum wrong. He forgives you. There is forgiveness with the Lord.

Many times we go into God's presence with complacence. God bears with you. God does not expect you to be perfect immediately. There is purifying grace at the Cross. Those rays of light from the Cross never discourage you. At the Cross, you understand your weakness. God knows that you are below zero, yet He forgives you. Do not be discouraged. He has got great plans. You will grow. God hopes to fulfil His plans in you. A boy once got a zero in math. Soon he came round and stood second in the class. Jesus looks at timid Peter and says He will be a rock. I do not know what new name He will give you. He will make you like the name He gives. When St. Francis was young he was vain. But God saw humility in his heart. He made him a humble man. He once was proud about his father, his houses and his clothes. He was a vain fellow. But God saw a great personality and a humble man in him. You do not know yourself. In order to make you perfect, step by step, there is forgiveness in God. Every day God will show you your mistakes. Confess and repent immediately. God's word acts on your thoughts. You need purifying. The Word is a purifying agency. It cleanses your thoughts. Take care of your friends. Your admonition for them must be modulated by God.

Psalm 78:36,37 God gave me these verses about a missionary who came to me for counsel. You say that God is loving. Can you show to people God's love? God does not want flattery. Very often our heart is not right with God. Genesis 18:7 God does not want to hide anything from you. God showed me that my father passed away while I was in Usilampatti a thousand miles away.

He sees in you a saintly woman and a reformer. He will perfect that which concerneth you. There is forgiveness in Him to make you perfect and like Him.