September 23rd, 1959                         “God’s Plan for You”                                 Late Mr. N. Daniel


Isaiah 43: 18-21

“This people have I formed for myself, they shall show forth my praise.”

            God is speaking to despairing people. I will give you water in the desert. I have formed you. The beasts of the field will also praise me. A praying man brings blessings to all the surroundings - to the lives of thousands of people. God says, "I will give water in impossible places.” When Samson was dying, God gave him water out of a bone. But Samson did not continue in God's will. He constantly chose his own way. Even when we choose our own way, God still loves us and calls us into His own way. People don't do God's will and spoil His plans and then get weary of God. Those who do God's will and live for His glory, will very soon see floods of blessings coming upon them and righteousness as the waves of the sea. One wave of the sea is like a river. Such a vast sheet of water comes rolling like a flood. Your life will force others into righteousness. It will be such a power that peace like a river will also come to them. When continual peace and wonderful peace comes into you, nothing will disturb you. Also nothing can stand before this righteousness. Who are those who are weary of God? Those who do not obey Him. Obey God and you will see that God is interested in every phase of your life. Your little child's milk will come in at the right time. Everything in your life will come in at the right time. You do not know that God is watching you. His eye and ear are always watching you. Once in 1937 we did not have money to pay the rent of our house, we prayed for three months and the rent collector did not come all that while. When he finally came, we had the money. God is watching you. He is mindful of the small details of your life. God is mindful of your needs. God has formed you for Himself. God says you have wearied Him with your iniquities. He has thoughts of peace and blessing for you but you are not able to appropriate them because of your sins. You cannot justify yourself. He will forgive you. Forgiveness is not easy. Fresh bleeding from His wounds alone will bring forgiveness to you. A man confessed his sins to his faithful wife. She went to her room to pray and forgive him. She forgave him. But when she came out of the room her black hair had turned white. It cost her something to forgive him. Forgiveness is costly. Fresh bleeding from His wounds is necessary to forgive you. It costs a father to forgive a son.

            God loves you. He has formed you for Himself. He is able to change your rebellious nature into an obedient nature. Hosea 6:2; 1:10. God says, 'I have formed thee and thou shalt glorify me.' The beasts of the field will praise God when they see water where they had never seen water before. Wicked men will praise God when they see the living water in you. God expects to be glorified through you. He will make rivers in the wilderness and draw floods from the rock. Remember you are formed for Him.