October 3rd, 1957                           “The Cross of Christ”                          LATE MR. N. DANIEL



Isaiah 53:11 "He shall see of the travail of his soul and shall be satisfied: by His knowledge shall my righteous servant justify many; for He shall bear their iniquities".


The Cross of Jesus is a high mystery. In the world, there is the law of vicarious suffering. When a child suffers, the parents suffer more. They would be glad to take on those sufferings themselves and relieve the child. Even God, the Father, took the consequences of the sin of man in the body of His Son Jesus. Jesus did not sin, even in His thoughts. His blood was absolutely pure.


When you are converted and grow spiritually you will come to a stage when you will resist every evil thought and not entertain a single evil thought. In the name of Jesus you will overcome. Jesus was very holy, far beyond our imagination. Nowhere in the history of the world, will you find a man like Jesus. Jesus willingly took our sin upon Himself. It pleased God to put on Him the punishment of our iniquities. There is an exchange. His righteousness is put upon us and our iniquities are put on Him. When we confess our sins truly with our heart, they are immediately forgiven.


The whole universe came into being by His word. But now Jesus was limited in the human form. But He exhibited the infinite power of God. Jesus was accused of being a liar, a thief and a murderer. He willingly suffered as a sinner. The righteousness that you can receive by faith in the Cross has no limit. There was no violence in Jesus' mouth. He practised what He preached. He never returned evil for evil. Matt. 5:44 "Love your enemies; bless them that curse you and persecute you".


No one can practise this, but by the Cross of Jesus. As long as your sins are in you, you can never live the 12th chapter of Romans or the Sermon on the Mount. The Sermon on the Mount is the normal life of a man who believes in the Cross of Christ. When this life is not seen in you, you should feel sad. When you don't believe in the Cross, even your nervous reactions are under the power of the evil spirit. But when you believe on the Cross, you are released. When we remember the death of Jesus, it gives us an impetus towards perfection. By allowing our thoughts to rest on the cause of His death we are freed from the bondage of sin - freed to grow as saints and perfect beings. The evil spirit has no power over us.