October 9th, 1963             “Learning Faith, Love and Patience”            Mrs. N.D. Daniel


2 Thessalonians 1:1-4


     Today I am sharing with you what the Lord has been teaching me.  In the Fellowship, we have been learning to exercise faith in God.  There is a lot of love also in our midst.  From the beginning we are taught here to learn faith and love.  By God’s grace we have been learning to exercise faith in Jesus Christ and love towards each other.  These days we have seen how all of us exercised faith in prayer for the healing of the servant of God.  We are praising God that we are able to exercise such love as shown in Psalm 133:1. Here St. Paul talks about another grace of God, that is, patience, along with faith and love.  We have to learn the patience of Jesus Christ.  Children of God through tribulations and great temptations learnt patience.  Abraham had to learn along with faith great patience also.  He had the promise that he would be blessed with a son and he was expecting the fulfillment of that promise.  God had to teach him patience also after receiving the promise of faith.  God had a great plan of blessing for Abraham after this great test of faith.  Here and there Abraham failed to exercise great patience.  If patience does not go along with faith, it will not prove that the person has great faith in God.

     God gave many promises to Moses and said He would deliver His people out of Egypt.  But, for the fulfillment of this promise Moses had to exercise great patience also.  He had to put up with a rebellious people like the children of Israel.  Only once we see in Moses’ life that he lost his patience.  But in his life we see 99% of faith and patience.  God wants us to learn this patience.  In St. Paul’s life we see great faith and patience in God.  We see the same thing exhibited on the cross by Christ.  The church at Thessalonica had many tribulations and temptations.  Paul and Silas went there to preach the gospel.  The Jews there attacked Jason.  But St. Paul says that those people had great faith and love and also patience.

     Especially for mothers, their complaint is, ‘We don’t have patience.’  Mothers may be praying mothers.  But God’s plan is that they may learn patience also along with faith and prayer.  Children on one side teach patience and co-workers on the other side.  When people try out patience, by prayer we must overcome.  The Lord Jesus wants us to learn patience also.  The Lord has given promises concerning the much people in this city.  Then He has given us the promise of the hidden riches for His work.  We have to wait patiently for the fulfillment of these promises.  The Lord has started giving some light about these promises.

     For much people in the city God has given us a tent to pitch in various place s and preach.  For many campaigns and meetings we need the fulfillment of the promise of the treasures.  Children of God, by faith and patience, have seen the fulfillment of promises, before they finished their life on this earth.  Some people have seen in their lives the fulfillment of all the promises they received.  This is what the Lord taught me this week.  A great amount of patience is needed to see the fulfillment of the promises.  We are learning faith and love.  Along with them, we have to learn patience.  We have to show patience in our daily life.  We have to live this patience.  Without patience we cannot grow sufficiently in faith.  The Lord gave children of God great patience.  So, we have to ask the Lord for the patience which Jesus showed in reaching and saving souls.

     Jesus showed faith, love and patience and fulfilled the plan of God.  He wants us also to learn these things to glorify Him!!!