October 16th, 1963                                   “God’s Thoughts”                                         Late Mr. N. Daniel


Daniel 4:31


            Here Nebuchadnezzar, the great king is thinking of his achievements: “Is this not the great Babylon built by me?” He gives no glory to God. Immediately judgment comes upon him. “Oh Nebuchadnezzar, the kingdom is taken away from you.” He never expected that.

            In Psalm 139:1-4, David writes about God’s foreknowledge of our thoughts. God is very often disappointed with our thoughts. Why? They are not thoughts that bring glory to Him or build His kingdom.

            Some thoughts are constructive. When Jesus was passing in front of the house of the woman suffering from the issue of blood, a thought came to her. That thought healed her. That thought brought her to the Lord. What are your thoughts?

            Here is Nebuchadnezzar losing all that God had given him. Are our thoughts like that? God is building you up. God is building this Fellowship. If any of us thinks, “I am building it,” or if I think like that, God will take away this ministry from you and from me. God has perhaps given you a family. If you feel, “I built it up”, you eliminate God and “I” comes into prominence. Then you lose your family.

            Many saw Jesus coming along their street and their thoughts were such that welcomed His blessing. The work in Arambakkam is a thought of God. Certainly we have nothing in our hand to put up a building there, but the construction is going ahead. God has chosen that place for a great work in the future. Twenty six years ago we prayed a full week in Arambakkam. One night we saw the sun rise while we were still on our knees praying. We were happy. Later a piece of land was given to me there. Now I understand that it was a thought of God. If it is God’s thought it will stand. There is a quality of permanence in God’s thought.

            “Oh Nebuchadnezzar, you are proud,” said God. He thought his thoughts brought Babylon into being. During the First World War, Hitler was a soldier and wounded. A British soldier aimed his gun at him to shoot him to death. But the rule was that one should not kill a wounded soldier. So, the British soldier dropped his gun and Hitler escaped from death. Hitler was very angry. He said, “I will see the end of England and France.” He was treated in a British hospital. But there he was planning to destroy England. Would God prosper such thoughts? The result was that the whole of Europe was devastated. Some thoughts can build, some thoughts can destroy. We have a great God. His thoughts are creative thoughts. Let us not be afraid of Him. “Oh Lord, how wonderful are Thy thoughts. Before thoughts come to me they are known to Thee”, says David. What a blessing it is! Before our lips utter words, they are known to God. Every word means every thought. May God help us that our thoughts may be of God!