October 17th,1961                     “Seek the Lord Today!”                    LATE MR. N. DANIEL




People allocate the morrow to call upon God. Thus they lose their precious opportunity. Tomorrow's time will never come. I called on Him on a certain day and it was the time of my salvation. He heard me, saved me and sustained me these many years. You may neglect the times of special meetings, when many gather together and call on God, He is near. You may think that it is an annual event. So you can wait for another preacher the next year. It will not happen as you plan. A certain officer never sought God. He saw many miracles in his life. His wife's chronic disease was healed. He was stung by a scorpion and he was anointed and prayed over and was healed. But he wept when his daughter was converted. That was too much religion for him. He missed his precious opportunities.


Your desires will be God's desires, if you are born again. Vain, worldly and sinful thoughts will leave you. Seek the Lord! What time is the best time to seek God. Ecclesiastes 12:1 "Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh, when thou shalt say, I have no pleasure in them;" You should know your God when you are young. Youth is the time, before the sins of the world come in to you. David knew God when he was young. While David was going after the goats and sheep with his sling and stone, he sought the Lord. You little girls, you do not know what God has for you. God has a plan for you. It was planned with loving mind. I desired my children to know the Lord while they were young. Have you ever sought Him? Have you found Him? Zacchaeus was full of sin, deceit and the love of money. But he sought Him and found Him. "Zacchaeus, I want to abide with you and dine with you" said Jesus. He went and dined with this family.


You must hear the Word. When you obey His Word, He prepares you for your life. David met a lion, a bear and Goliath. God had prepared him to meet their enemies. The best thing is to seek Him. Seek Him in His Word. Every line speaks about Him, and His kingdom. One day you will be there with Him wearing a crown. Do not run away from sharing in His sufferings. No body watches over you but God.


Many asked me to go to other countries to get more degrees. If they had pointed to me a saint who could teach me more about Jesus, I would have traveled to learn from them. When my friends asked me to go to U.K God gave me this verse. Ezekiel 38:7.


A certain pastor's wife loved costly clothes and jewels. When she was dying she clung to them, she never sought God. She did seek God sometimes for healing. Do you ever seek God?


I want to lead you to the feet of Jesus. I may disappear but Jesus will be all in all to you. You won't love the world or have the desires of the world. Daniel 1:8 “I will not defile myself. That is good food but I will not eat of it. I won't defile my eyes and heart.” You will say , "Tomorrow I must pray with this heart to God". So it should not be defiled. Is there a message for your children? Before you see a film, is there faith in that film? You will ask. That film fills your heart with adulterous imaginations. Daniel stood before the king and said, "O king, you are too proud". Belshazzar read the writing on the wall. Daniel said "You did not learn any thing from your father's sad history. You are going to be killed". Joseph stood before Pharaoh. Will you stand as a minister and tell what God tells you? Will you stand before your principal and speak God's message to him?


One day you may be staying too far from Him if you do not seek Him now. A rich man was in hell weeping and calling to Abraham. The reply was "My son, it is not possible to send Lazarus". People do not come to hear the Word of God but for healing. It is not my duty to pray for such.


People must know that you are a Christian. They must know that they can't bribe you even though you are poor. A boy took me to his house and, I taught him Maths. He wanted me to come frequently to his house. Your presence will influence my brother and he will become good. He said people will see your life. God's thoughts are not your thoughts. I wanted to become a merchant. God said, "It is not my thought, so leave this business." I started learning Art and began painting. I passed some exams also. God asked me to stop it. In later days people said, "It is a pity you gave up a good job". But I said "Let money go, I found God". Now hundreds of adulterers and drunkards are getting converted. Can you change one soul? Could my paintings have changed one soul? Sisters are fond of younger brothers. But have you given them Christ? You give good things to them but have you given them the best thing? What is the use of your living without being a blessing to others?


When I got converted my father said, "God will take care of you" He told God would guide me and teach me.


You are a slave to many sins, drink, adultery, evil imagination, hatred and other evils. Hatred, anger and jealousy are in your heart to bring you diseases.


God gave a new heart to Saul. I Samuel 10: 9, Prov.4: 24. When you get a new heart, keep it with all diligence. Fill it with the word of God. Your students will remember for years what you taught them. My students told me, "Sir, we know you stood for truth".


God adds dignity to His children. If one treats His children badly God will take them away. Give respect to those who have faith. It may be your mother-in-law or sister.


Your sin will act as a leak. You may read a great deal of the Bible. But it will not stay in your heart. You might have committed that sin forty years ago. But it is there written on your heart. Those who wish sin in their heart will never prosper.


Many of you are teachers in heathen schools. Show Christ. Isaiah 55:5. People who do not know you will come to you. A rich Hindu woman used to come to our house. She said "We have a huge income but we are not happy". What is the secret of your happiness? So my wife gave up preparing for her B.A exam and began to teach that Hindu woman. Psalm 130:4, there is forgiveness with God. Isaiah 58:11. Nothing is impossible with God! The trees will sing.


I know a girl who had studied only up to the primary school level. She was converted and was being taught of God as she followed Him. God used her to preach to pastors in their conference.


There is pride in your heart. Therefore you never seek the face of God. Don't waste your time.