October 1956                                    “Doing God’s Will”                                              Late Mr. N. Daniel


II Chron. 18. Jehoshaphat cried out and the Lord helped him.

            In this world, we have two kingdoms. The kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan. In heaven, there is only one kingdom. That is the kingdom of God. Yet, all power is given to Jesus upon this earth. Satan is like a serpent whose head is crushed, but frightens people by shaking his tail. Those who put their trust in Jesus, put themselves under His authority. God uses such people to establish and order His kingdom. Those who are within the kingdom of God do not need to fear. Those who are cleansed in the blood of Jesus and dwell under the shadow of the Almighty need fear nothing. If they are in the will of God, God will give His angels charge over them, that they do not even strike their head against a stone. Jesus said “My kingdom is not of this world. If My kingdom were of this world, My servants fight that I should not be delivered unto the Jews .” John 18: 36. “Thinkest thou that I cannot pray my Father and He presently can give He more than 12 legions of angels?” Math. 26: 53. Those who abide in Jesus and fulfil His Word will be mighty. To abide in Him, and to fulfil His Word, is the most blessed state. (John 15: 7) Many desire the gift of tongue and other gifts. But to live fulfilling the will of God is the greatest gift of all. Jesus said, “I do always those things that please My Father.” (John 8: 29) Jesus also said, “He that heareth My Word, and doeth it, will never die.”

God is able to preserve those that commit themselves to Him. God is faithful and full of Love. He is ever trying to deliver us from temptation and evil. Even when we depart from His will, He sends us His angels, His prophets to correct us, to draw us back into His way. Jehoshaphat was a man who fixed his heart on God. He set his heart to walk in the ways of God. He pulled down the high places and the foreign altars that were built to strange gods. In Judah, he appointed Levites and priests to teach people the Law of God. With the books of the Law in their hands, these men went out into all the cities of Judah and preached the Word of God. The fear of God came upon Judah and upon the regions round about so that wars ceased. Jehoshaphat waxed stronger and stronger and prospered because God was with Him. There came a time when he had to find a bride for his eldest son. Here Jehoshaphat did not find the will of God, but looked for status and royal leniage. This led him to choose Athaliah, the daughter of Jezebel, as a partner for his son. We may fear God and obey Him in many matters but if in one important matter, if we do contrary to His will, we bring trouble upon ourselves. After this alliance with Ahab's family, Jehoshaphat was drawn into a war, which did not belong to him. Jehoshaphat wanted to know the will of God in this venture. Ahab sent for the prophets of Baal who knew not God. “Go unto Ramat-Gil ead and prosper”, they said with one accord under the leadership of Zedekiah. I want a prophet of the Lord said Jehoshaphat. When it came to the marriage of his son, he did not seek God's will. Royalty would do, he felt. Thus, we try to mix God's will and our will and fall into trouble. The prophet of God Micaiah, prophesied sure defeat. “A false spirit is in the prophets of Baal”, he said. Zedekiah smote him on his cheek, and the king put him in prison. Just look at this contradiction in calling a prophet to prophesy and smiting him for speaking the truth of God. They went to battle, any way. Jehoshaphat was asked to wear garments of Ahab, while Ahab went to battle in disguise as a common man. The enemy targetted Jehoshaphat and surrounded him. He cried unto God. And God sent him help immediately. Ahab had no one to call on. He trusted in his disguise to keep him and yet an arrow shot at random found its mark between the joints of his armour and by evening he died.

Dear people, if we truly believe that God is love and that He is righteous and powerful, we would wait for God and would do only His will. Our relatives and friends can draw us out of God's will and we slip into troubles. But if we set our hearts on doing God's will alone, our friends and relatives will be soon convinced that we have done the right thing. But, we often try to please them and betray the Lord. The children of Christ are those who have given up their own will in preference to His. Our own will is dictated by the self life in us. Even when we miss the way, the Lord is ever trying to help us and deliver us. Have we understood this? We should never say, “God has brought this evil upon me”. That would be blasphemy. Could you say that your mother pierced you with a thorn? You would not. Because a mother’s nature is love. Her nature is to protect her children from pain and harm. She wants to do them only good. Even if she tries to discipline them, it is for' their good. God is far greater than our mothers. Yet, men blame God and blaspheme Him. When we love the world and sin and bring ourselves into loss and suffering, and if we do not realize that God is not the author of those troubles but we have brought them upon ourselves, we are enemies of God. God can never do evil or harm to you. A certain pastor's wife entered into a secular job in order to earn some money. She began to face many problems. I wished she would resign her job and join her husband in serving the Lord. Her children were constantly falling ill. Finally, he died. I felt very sad. When we serve the Lord, our health improves. When we work very hard for the Lord, we gain not only experience, but the strength and energy that have been expended will come back to us ten fold. The Lord adds much joy to our life. The peace in our heart deepens. You may have plenty to eat, but without peace and joy, the food you eat will not become strength to your body. You may lie down to sleep, but sorrow will disturb you.

You belong to the kingdom of God. Stay within the bounds of this kingdom. Do not cross over the boundary and go over into Satan's kingdom. The Word of God is the border of separation between the two kingdoms. Do not cross the Word of God. God has given His angels charge over you to keep you. God preserved Abraham in Egypt and delivered his wife from a life of degradation. Abraham suffered loss in Egypt. After receiving a pure heart and a clean conscience through repentance and faith, some give place to pride when they experience some miracle in answer to prayer. The moment pride comes in, they have crossed over to Satan's kingdom. They no longer regard those who led them to the Lord and those more experienced than themselves. But they come to loss and degradation. Another spirit keeps guiding them. When King Saul would not give heed to the prophet Samuel, God departed from Saul. When Saul began to envy David who feared God, an evil spirit possessed him. Some in our Fellowship grew proud and came under the power of evil spirits. Unless such people humble themselves very much, and come back to the Fellowship with a teachable spirit, they cannot escape those evil spirits. Jehoshaphat escaped defeat in the battle. But all his sons except the eldest were killed. It is very dangerous to be linked in a marriage relationship with an unrighteous people. They may bring a lot of dowry, but along with that money, Satan enters your house. The curse that is upon their money will enter your house also. Those who wants to do God's will alone, regardless of considerations of wealth, education and status will find the hosts of angels of God, descending round about them. “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth as it is done in heaven.” What a great prayer this is!