November 3rd, 1958                         “Blameless Before A Holy God”                         Late Mr. N. Daniel


II Peter 3:13 & 14

We are counselled here to be diligent, to be blameless before a holy God. Why should we be like that? We came from Him. God has created us to be a blessing to others and you should be a blessing at least to your children. If you are not, you will fail even in your very elementary duty. A new earth and heaven shall ap­pear. He has made all the arrangements for its preservation. He welcomes you to take a share in this glorious new creation. Will you come? Have you begun this new life? If it has begun in your heart, your heart is renewed, and you see a new heaven on earth. You suddenly see it. Your hope expands. Your vision lengthens. John 1:51 You will see great things. If you do not see a new heaven and earth in your heart, you cannot hope for it. Have you such an expectation? Is there a new heaven in your home - a new joy, a new power and a new peace that can control evil, transform evil into good and the destructive into the creative? Do you see it in your house? Do you see it in your life?

Where there is righteousness there is peace. Righteousness and peace go together (Isaiah 32:17,18) -- not your righteousness, but the righteousness of Christ that is founded on the Cross. It begins with the brokenness of the spirit. It is not man-inspired but God-inspired. God gives you a life that produces a new righteousness which spreads. You can then believe in a new earth and heaven. You can believe that the whole earth can be renewed. There is something innate in evil that destroys itself. Your body will judge you. Don't think that God will judge you. The sin in your body destroys it. It brings you nearer to death. Your nerves, your fast-beating heart and your blood-pressure are judging you. Your infected lungs are judging you. O sinner, don't think God is judging you. What have you sown? You think you have sown wheat, but you are reaping thorns. Jer. 4:3 First your body judges you. You worship your body. You love and beautify your body. That is not God's love. You forget that it is the dwelling place of the Holy Ghost. By knowing God you can do good to others. Jer. 9:24,25 Don't be proud of your wealth, education and strength. There is only one thing which you ought to be proud of. That is knowing the purpose of God. Who is an uneducated man? He that does not know his purpose in life. God has created you with a great purpose. But you never wait upon Him. Thus you are an ignorant and illiterate person. You don't know where you are going. God wants you to rise and rise until you are equal to Him and enthroned with Him. He wants you to be a benefactor to the world.

Do you know God’s purpose for you? You are wasting yourself in youthful lusts. Have you developed your divine faculties? Moses developed his divine faculties. He wanted to attack Egypt – mighty Egypt – with a well-organized army and a strong system of government. Poor Moses! The worm Moses was intent on fighting against Egypt. He failed. But one day it was God in Moses who attacked Egypt. How it was poor Egypt! The man was no more poor Moses. He was a mighty man of action. Why? It was because God was with him. He developed his spiritual faculties. He faced Pharaoh and his army. Nothing could prevail against him.

We should be spotless and blameless. We have got great promises and possibilities. What should we do? We should cleanse ourselves from all filthiness, perfecting holiness in the fear of the Lord. We often don't have the fear of God in our homes. Only when difficulties come, we want the Spirit of God. Christian homes! There is no purifying power in our homes. We have a spirit, body and soul. The spirit must be refined in God's fire and purified. Then it develops the capacity to be one with the Spirit of God. The spirit in man must go through the refining fire. This fire is in the Word of God. The more you refine it, the more it is purified. An impure metal cannot be one with the pure metal. Similarly a pure spirit cannot be one with the impure spirit. The spirit of Moses was purified. What is your aim in life? Is it fame, a name, money or position? Or is it above purity? Is it oneness with God? Is it to make Him great in your life? Job 20:5,9,11. "The joy of the hypocrite is but for a moment."

Are our families full of fear and reverence for God? By working in your heart, God will produce an angel out of you. Can the writings and example of Moses die? Heb. 11:24-27. He refused to be called the crown-prince, the future king, choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season. Do you want to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a while? Then your spiritual faculties will die. You are burying that God-likeness which should be your image. Why does the thief come? He comes to kill and to steal your strength and your intelligence. What happened to the friends of Absalom? What hap­pened to the army around him? What happened to his counsellors? He was hanging between heaven and earth with arrows piercing his heart. He was defenseless and friendless. You will be like that. Satan will see to it that you are isolated and destroyed. How many people Absalom had led against the king, his father! By your example and words you are leading people against God.

Is there any word of warning from your lips to those who are following you? Is there light in you that will spread to others? The mule of pride on which you are riding will leave you. It is blinding you. It leads you to the wilderness where no one will hear your cry for help. Absalom took much care of his hair. People admired his looks. When the crisis came he was running for his life. No one had sympathy for him and nobody cried over him. There were no tears in the eyes of anyone. Only his father wept. He made his father his enemy. David asked everyone to be kind to him. But the laws of that kingdom operated against him. God wants to warn nature not to destroy you. Chance after chance, He is giving you. Will my son return to me? God asks. David was looking forward for news of his son. How is Absalom? That was his chief concern. The word of God depicts God like that.

God asks, 'How is he for whom I died?' What is the answer? There will be tears somewhere. If you don't cry, God will cry. My soul will weep for your pride, says God. Are you going to repent? Or else God is going to repent. Pride has blinded your eyes. Adam forsook God's counsel. He did not go to the tree of life. He went to the wrong tree. When God asked him, he was full of self-defense. Take care! There can be no self-defense against the Word of God. If you don't humble yourself today, it may be the last chance for you. God will not judge you. You yourself, society and nature will judge you. Moses prayed for all his people with divine love. May God help us to have divine love!