November 7th, 1992                                  “Living for Christ”                                          Mrs. N. Daniel


Romans 8: 14-17


Let us consider the verse – “As many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.” We have learnt that we have a Father in heaven. We are sons of Jesus Christ our Saviour, in Whom we have believed and through whose blood, we are cleansed and have become the children of God. And here the Word of God says, “After we have become sons and daughters of God, we have to be led by the Spirit of God.” So, we must be led by the Spirit of God:- That is the next step for us. God has given us the Spirit of God to guide us and to lead us into all truth. So, all the child­ren of God have the right to be guided by His Holy Spirit. Here the 26th verse says, "We do not know how to pray." The 'Son of God' is an intercessor and He prays for the needs of His people, and for the salvation of souls. After the conversion of St. Paul, he was clearly guided by the Spirit of God, to pray, for the salvation of others and for the Saints of God. These days, we have learnt a great deal of the Word of God. But converted people always need admonition from the Word of God. When the mind speaks on one side and  the Spirit of God speaks on the other, the Word of God helps us to discern one from the other. Before conversion our mind was guiding us. But the Word of God says that the ‘children of God’, should be guided by the Spirit of God. Converted people’s desires should be changing from worldly desires to heavenly desires. St. Paul's desires were changed after his conversion. Phil. 1:21 “Hereafter I must live Christ.” This was St. Paul’s desire. When we observe his life, we do not see a going back into past errors at all. He had good control over the members of his body and he was really living a perfect life. According to his desire, he lived the perfect life which Jesus Christ lived on this earth.

The Word of God says, "We have to live in the Spirit." We are small people and our thoughts also are small. But God's thoughts are always far higher. In Isaiah 55:3 it is said that the servants of God will hear the voice of God. Elijah had that experience. He went up to the mount of God to know what God had to say to him. He had to wait till God spoke to him. A strong wind rent the mountain first. He thought God was speaking. So he became alert, but God did not speak to him. Then there was an earthquake. But God was not in the earthquake. Then there was a fire but God was not in the fire. After that God spoke to him in a still small voice. All God's children have this privilege of hearing God speaking. If they are right with God, they will hear the guiding voice of God. But even after conversion, if those that are called the children of God love the world, they will lose their privileges. I cannot understand how Gehazi lost privileges even though he was serving Elisha. Yes, he had some wrong thoughts which ruined his life. He was not delivered from the love of this world. He was entrusted with big responsibility by Elisha. “Go and pray over the dead child of the Shunammite and it will come to life”, said Elisha. But he loved money and the things of the world. So the power of God would not flow through him. Even while living with Elisha, he lost the blessing of God, and the blessing of the servant of God. He brought a curse upon him and upon his children also. It is not God's will that converted people should be lost because He has given His Word to us. He has given us preaching priests and we have the children of God and the Bible before us. So, we should not get a curse. We must get a blessing from God. God is faithful. He wants to guide us through His Holy Spirit. Jesus said, “I will not leave you help­less. After I go away to God the Father, I will send my Spirit to abide with you. And that spirit will guide you into all truth.” God is expecting all His children to glorify Him in their one life upon this earth. We do not know how God is going to use all of you. But the children of God will be led by the Spirit of God to glorify God. Their thoughts will be controlled. They will have free access into the presence of God, in prayer. They will not waste their time. Their minds will be turned towards God. They will not be afraid of anything. The usual fears of men will not haunt them, because precious faith will be growing in them. They will not wantonly disobey God.

After conversion we have to fix our desires on certain goals. We have to set our minds and determine to reach those goals at all costs. God will make us reach those goals. St. Paul had such desires and God fulfilled his desires, “for me to live is Christ and to die is gain.” Such was his desire and so he could say in II Tim.4:7 “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.” His witness was like Jesus Christ's. Jesus' witness was, I have finished the work, thou gavest me and have glorified thee on the earth. John 17:4. St. Paul's witness was that, he followed Christ, worked and suffered for Christ, without murmuring. He finished the work given to him and he kept his faith. He saw the fulfilment of his holy desires. God wants all of us to obey Him and have His Holy Spirit and be led of His Spirit. He changes our old desires and fills us with His desires. He takes away our thoughts out of our minds and puts His thoughts into us. So, we must learn faith and be guided by His Spirit. Then only, we can glorify God.