November 14th, 1962                      “The Transformation of a Rebellious Heart”                         Late Mr. N. Daniel


Isaiah 65:1,2

            “I have spread out my hand all the day unto a rebellious people.” God analyses human nature. It is a rebellious nature. We are a rebellious people but God's grace follows us, waiting for a chance to change us. We can see it in the life of Jacob. God's grace was following him. He was of a rebellious nature, always doing his will which was not God's will. God's thoughts are very high. As the grace of God is pursuing us and revealing to us new things, our thoughts are lifted up to His thoughts. Once our thoughts conform to God's thoughts, it is a great victory. It is always a fight with our human nature which refuses to conform to God's thoughts. God says in Vs.12 “They did choose that in which I delighted not.” ‘I have not delighted in those things you have chosen', says God. When a mother sees her child choosing a wrong thing she feels sad. Children are not supposed to handle everything in the house. Years ago I left my shaving blade within reach of my toddler son. He played with the blade and cut his finger. We are apt to choose the wrong thing. In God's kingdom there are so many things you should not handle. There are great graces and great power. Somebody preaches a great sermon and you want to preach like that. Can you sustain the people who will be converted by that great sermon? Many who are touched by that sermon may attach importance to the preacher. Can you refuse that glory? Very often people connect my name with the sermon. I feel sad. They must give glory to God. Many wish to imitate great men of God. Can you maintain yourself at that level?

            When Sadhu Sundar Singh came, I wanted to go to Tibet with him and die there as a martyr. But as a matter of fact, I used to find the cold of Vijayawada a little difficult to bear. It is very easy to talk. But let us begin where we ought to begin. Jacob wanted many blessings. God has such blessings for you. He is following you with those blessings but you are not dealing with your rebellious heart. You are not eradicating those thoughts which are not God's thoughts. If God gives you much money, you would deck yourself with gold. Is that the use to which money could be put? Can you handle the gifts of God? God gave Jacob much skill in rearing sheep. But the fruit of that labour did not add to his peace or joy.

            When he was fleeing from home, God showed him a ladder reaching to heaven. He thought that he would, all of a sudden, be on the top. No. There are steps. He didn't even get on the first step. ‘Oh! This is God’s house,’ he said. He never repented. He never felt the need of God who would always be with him. What is our need? It is God! If God is with us we have all things we need and even small things make us happy.

            What about Jacob's family? Had he come to that level where he could help his family? Had his thoughts become God's thoughts? After that night of prayer, Jacob returned to his family. Have you met God? The mother of Samson met the angel. She came and told her husband about it. Their thoughts began to rise higher and higher. When you and your wife pray together everyday, one day you will pray only God's thoughts. Now as my wife and I pray we feel we are swimming in the current of God's thoughts. What a great blessing it is! When you pray, you will pray the will of God.

            David's beautiful son, Absalom, was never dealt with. He was full of pride. He daily looked at his reflection in the mirror. He never wanted to imbibe God's thoughts. His heart was full of rebellion. His father loved him. It was a kind of indulgent love. When Absalom had not repented for murder, David kissed him. It was a wrong kiss. God doesn't do it that way. He follows you. He followed St. Paul and one day He overpowered him. One day God's grace will overpower you. He is at your heels. All that you can think of is there with Him. David wanted to be the king's son-in-law, but God gave him kingship itself. Daniel's thoughts began to rise higher and higher. One day he prayed in God's presence to know about himself. He was right with God. An angel came and said, ‘You are dearly beloved.' As you begin to pray, answers will be coming. But on the way the powers of darkness delay the answer. There are powers of darkness around you, but you will conquer. The rebellion in your heart will die and God’s thoughts and your will will become one. It happened so to Abraham. When God asked him for his son there was no rebellion or resistance in him. The whole heaven rejoices when a human heart comes to that level.  ‘I will bless the whole world through your family’, God told him. Do you expect that? Someof us have come from very bad districts. Are you sure that through God's grace rebellion in your heart will die and God's power will work through you to change the whole district? Do you believe it? Do you believe God will give the whole city to the Fellowship? Do you believe these small children will one day be great witnesses? Many will come one day to see the work done here. Have you conquered? Has the resistance gone from your heart? When God says, 'Go this way', will you say, ‘Yes I will go?’ Isaiah 30:21. If rebellion dies, you will hear God's voice always. He will follow you with His guidance.