November 17th,1962                       “The Purposes of God”                       LATE MR. N. DANIEL



Exodus 34:23

"Thrice in the year shall all your men children appear before the Lord God, the God of Israel"


God knowing human  psychology, gives His people instructions, so that gratitude may grow in them. Many of us suffer because of lack of gratitude. The measure of your faith is the measure of your gratitude. To remember the day of your salvation, the manner in which that blessing came upon you, the way He delivered you from sin and the world's companionship, to know that which He gives you now, is the highest. You miss something if you don't recognize and thank God for it. Some saints woke up in the night and thanked God. You must take some time to thank God. The Jews were asked to go to Jerusalem and present themselves thrice a year. It was a long way, with no conveniences of travel. Yet they had to go. What do you think they would do on the way? They would think of what God had done to them as a nation and as individuals. But they missed the Messiah and what God had for them in Him. These their journeys kept the hope of His coming alive. Sometimes they came with their families and made offerings in the temple. God wanted their firstborn to be given to Him. All these had a purpose and those that neglected these things suffered. Even today God has these instructions for us. We have a great responsibility in being part of this Fellowship. I always ask God whether I am fit. How often we can indulge in thoughts and aspirations which are just against Him!


In the process of Christian growth is your thoughts reaching the level of God's thoughts? Gradually your thoughts leave you and God's thoughts become more established in you. The responsibility of being Christians in a heathen land is great. We must realize our unfitness and ask God to make us worthy. In college did you show that you were a Christian? When your thoughts are all subordinated to Christ, then it is a  great triumph. The soul begins to trust in God with naked faith. For sometime man trusts in God through voices, visions and so on, but a time comes when he trusts in God with naked faith. Madame Guyon says visions are gifts of the soul of a lower value, and one who depends on them ultimately doesn't become perfect. The Word of God must work in us and bring out of us such faith that clings to Him. As days go on, you begin to value God's Word and the devil will begin to tremble. The powers of darkness will fear and be on their guard. You march on and on until you find your life is full of success. Not ten but a thousand are won for Christ.


God asks the Israelites to come three times a year. It would be expensive, it would take time. God said, 'The firstborn is mine.' Giving material things is not  a big matter. The faculties of the soul are important and can be developed greatly. Your thoughts can become prophetic, your words can be prophetic. The people who contact you feel you are a live wire. The prophets were like that. Why do we gather on Saturdays for prayer? That our faith may grow. In course of time you will certainly be different from others. All your life, your one object should be to glorify Christ and bring souls to Him. You will reach a height of faith from which you will not fall. Our faith will run through correct channels and flow deeper and wider until it inundates society. In John Wesley's group they prayed, watched and obeyed. When they went from place to place, they spiritually inundated each place. One day, God will use us like that. To keep your home worthy of His name is not easy. This belongs to the Saviour. V. 24 'No one will desire the land.' It is a great promise.  The sooner you get into His will and your will is destroyed, the sooner you will see the fullness of the blessing. God and you will rejoice. Your joy of salvation will be full. You will swim in the current of heaven. It is not the paddle that will take you forward, but the very current will carry you. When you see the rudder you will see you are marching into greater success and victory.


Today, we have a profit-motivated religion. So the heathen don't have respect for our religion. The Lord is with you. God says, "I have given you my commandment. Don't allow your children to make a covenant with the heathen." Don't make promises to others unless it is permitted by God. If you have promised, break it and confess it to God. Not I but Christ shall have the right of way with me.


Moses went into God's presence, and came back with a face shining. He was a human being like you, but how different!  Who gave him this honor? God! Our very walk, look and manner of life should be a teaching. This is the great privilege of being a Christian. Oh, the years that are wasted! Young man, this opportunity is given to you now. Grow in grace. Rejoice in the Lord. God says, “You are my people and I have revealed heaven's truths -eternal truths - to you.” Remember when you read the Bible, you get eternal truths. The moment you get into that current of truth nobody can shake you. God will take you to depths of love and grace which the world has not yet seen.