November 21st, 1956                            "We Must Keep Humble Till The End"                                 Late Mr. N. Daniel

2 Chronicles 32:24-31

"But Hezekiah rendered not again according to the benefit done unto him;…" The history of Hezekiah is a thrilling one. On coming to the throne he wanted to revive the country. He called the priests to sanctify themselves. The kingdom of Judah had 8 good kings. But in the kingdom of Israel there were no good kings. Among the 8 good kings of Judah there were four very good kings. But these four kings made one serious mistake each during their reign. Jehoshaphat was a very good king but he made a big mistake in the matter of the marriage of his son.

Hezekiah revived his country. As we draw nigh unto God every aspect of our life is blessed. Revivals eliminate incidences of sickness and sorrow. Holy living comes into people. The impact of the Wesleyan revival continued for a hundred years. One mother was responsible for it. She was a through Christian full of prayer. Hezekiah brought much prosperity to the country. Then Sennacharib came against the country and asked them to submit to him. There was a prophet Amoz at that time in the country. It is a great blessing to have a true prophet of God in a country. Hezekiah sent word to him during that crisis and Amoz spoke the word of God, that the enemy would not shoot a single arrow against the country. Suddenly the enemy perished. Sennacharib defied God. It is dangerous to defy God. Especially where the Holy Spirit is working, one must be very careful.

Hezekiah once took ill. Isaiah sent word to him that he would die. He prayed a humble prayer and God answered him and extended his life by 15 years. He prospered greatly. Then his heart was lifted up in pride. He was not grateful. Gratitude is one of the most important things in spiritual life. The other side of gratitude is growth in faith. As we remember God’s mercies and thank Him, we grow in faith.

Hezekiah became proud. Then God’s wrath came upon him. He had seen God’s great works. God had once given him a great sign—the sun going back 12 degrees. After that the king of Babylon sent his son to greet him and praise him for the great things that were done. Hezekiah got puffed up and showed the visitor all the wealth he had. God was displeased with Hezekiah. He said a time would come when all that wealth would be carried away to Babylon. We must not expose our spiritual life too early to the public. We must not tell our precious christian experiences to those who have no spiritual values. Hezekiah’s sin had to be punished. This punishment came during the time of his son.

We must keep humble to the end of our days. There is nothing in us. God may use us mightily but we must not think that we are the best. There are better Christians and were better Christians whom we have not met. When we have gratitude we will be humble. Are you grateful for your health? You capacity to eat a square meal—your capacity to run, your capacity to sleep soundly? Are you grateful for spiritual companionship and fellowship? We must be very humble for what God has done to us. God wants gratitude.