November 21st, 1962                                          “Growing In The Lord”                                             Mr. N. Daniel


John 14:20

“At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me.”

            This is the goal of Christian life. That you are in Christ, you must know that Christ is in God. That is an understanding that ultimately comes to a follower of Christ.

Faith X Revelation     = Achievement

Pride X Vanity X Lust

            As you grow in the Lord the denominator begins to diminish. As you are studying the Word which is God Himself, these things start melting and disappearing. As you are meditating on the Word, pride, vanity and lust disappear. I don't know how, but they must disappear. What is meditation? You take a dirty cloth and rub soap on it and then dip it in water. Then it is still a little dirty. Again you apply soap. The same process takes place in your soul. The soul also is given by God. There are great powers in the soul-thinking power, intellectual power, poetic grace and so on. But they are all wasted in a lost soul. When you are converted, you are given the Holy Spirit. The measure of that Spirit is meant to increase. If you do not grieve the Spirit, you are being filled more and more. You will be getting more revelation and faith.

            Moses got that revelation. Prophets got that revelation. You will also get it. When you obey the Word, the measure of your faith increases and pride and lust go down. You will find great power. Your prayer becomes real. Where real prayer is going up, you will join there. Your soul rejoices when you hear somebody pray in the Spirit. Then you will realise that you are in the Father and the Father is in you. As we pray, we feel we are in Christ and that is enough for us.

            John 14:21 "He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me; and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him and will manifest myself to him." That is revelation. Young people, you will have revelation. Forty-five years ago, I had God's revelation. People laughed at me, mocked at me but God helped me to love His Word. I wish I had loved it more. When I had to take very difficult and tedious journeys, I remember how I was communing with God all through those journeys. Young people, do you love the Word? Do you keep the commandments? The Word becomes a source of joy. Keeping the commandments you become a power. You will be in Christ and Christ is in God. God will manifest Himself to you. In 1919, when I was alone praying I heard the voice of God at midnight. I never knew God would manifest Himself that way. But I heard His voice. It gave me great strength. If I had told it to the boys in my college, they would have laughed at me. Christ was manifesting Himself. His revelations were increasing. Every sermon I gave was from God. There was no vanity in my life. Vanity leaves us. The lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes go away and revelations increase and you can be absorbed into Christ. "I will manifest myself." Vs.23 “We will make our abode with him." God's desire is like that. God likes to be with you. In your countenance people will find the light of heaven. In this world of sin, people see the light of heaven. When first the fear of God came into you, you trembled at the Word of God. Then you began to obey the word of God and you found you are safer and happier. Your prayers reach out to others. The range of your prayer power keeps increasing. You feel, 'Why don't I obey Him more?' You no longer obey God as it you were doing God a favour. You know obeying God is your own great part. Your joy is increasing. You love God and His Word. The grace in you is increasing. You will know "He that keepeth Israel does not slumber." You feel He is watching you to see no harm comes near you. That order is already issued to the world, that evil should not come nigh you. Therefore no evil will come. Also no evil thought will come to you. He will keep you. It is wonderful because even one evil thought drives away the presence of God. Now and then in the laboratory, we prepare Hydrogen Sulphide. It gives a strong, nasty odour. Every thought foreign to the Word of God has a bad smell. He can't abide in you if you entertain such thoughts. How sweet your life would be when the Father and Son abide in you! You may lose your property but even then you don't fear. It is enough for you if Father and Son abide in you. I don't want to lose His presence. Is 5l:3,52:8. "They will see eye to eye when the Lord bringeth back the captivity of Zion." You come into perfect agreement with God. Your thoughts and God's thoughts become one. What a joy that would be! The Father and Son abide in you. Where the Father and Son are, that is heaven. Heaven is then within you. If we as a Fellowship, grow in grace, the power that God gave to John Wesley's group, we will see it here. Prepare yourself. Ours must be a Fellowship of all nations.