November 28th, 1959                             “The Impact of Prayer”                                  Late Mr. N. Daniel

Acts Chapter 2

We should read this chapter and see what happened when the disciples prayed. Jesus appeared several times to the dis­ciples during the 40 days after resurrection. Their doubts were all gone. The resurrection was a reality to them. Jesus estab­lished Himself as the Lord of heaven. The disciples knew the truth. They all gathered in one place to pray. Luke 24:4 “And behold I send the promise of my father upon you, but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued with power from on high.” Joel had prophesied about the Holy Spirit being poured out. So far that prophecy was never fulfilled. What happens when people gather together to pray? The spirit of God will be there uniting their hearts and minds. When a husband and wife pray together, it will be very difficult to quarrel- when we men­tion the name of Jesus the devils' forces are disturbed and the powers of heaven unite to help.            .

As we pray several layers in our subconscious will be unravelled. In the subsoil of our mind are many thoughts that are not truly spiritual. These will surface so that we can bring them to God for cleansing.

When this group was praying for ten days their hearts were deeply united. Many people do not come into a vital experience with God because of vain thoughts. God values any thought towards the edification of the Church. These people have seen Jesus ascending into heaven. Religion had become very real to them. But how were they to attain the life of Jesus? They began to pray. When the Holy Spirit came upon them, no one could stand against them.

As we are praying together the Holy Spirit has a chance of uniting us. We get a more brotherly feeling. Do not choose to stay in a place with a group where you cannot unite in prayer. Some day quarrels will come. Do not have intense fellowship with anyone with whom you do not pray.