December 6th, 1958†††††††† ††††††††ďGodís Love For SinnersĒ††† ††††††††††††††††Late Mr. N. Daniel


Jonah 2:4

††††††††††† Godís concern for sinners is so great that it flows into the human hearts that are in contact with Him. Those in contact with God, catch His thoughts and are moved by Him. Sometimes we serve God grudgingly. Then we will exhibit our nature instead of the love of God. Jonah was a prophet who could hear God but had not the faith to carry it out. Those who do not listen to God fully become murmuring and disobedient prophets. Jonah was running away from the will of God. Some of us can preach to others but not to our own families. This is because of inadequate spiritual preparation. Nineveh, that great city was in danger of destruction and God was looking to one man to help them. But that one man was not prepared to go and awaken them. It was a mighty city with a mighty wall and many great watch-towers. It was full of sin and corruption and bribery. Man does not enjoy life when there is sin in it. The devil is trying to take out of us the fear of God. Homes that have no fear of God are ruined by Satan.

††††††††††† The safety of a great city was depending on the spiritual development of one man. He knew he was God-chosen but he was running away. When he obeyed God, the city was saved but he was again differing from God. He could not understand God. He did not come to a place where he could say ĎGod cannot make a mistake, it is my understanding that is at fault.í If you study the Word of God carefully, you will become very wise about human life, family life and national life. A prophetic mind will begin to work in you. You can by observing a manís movements, interests and words tell what will be the end of that man. The more time you give to the Word of God, the more wise you will be. True wisdom is true power. To inculcate the fear of God in the world is our privilege. Can you be responsible for a town? Why do we lag behind in spiritual life while people are trying to advance in every other field? After 150 years this city falls. Nahum 3:7 ďAnd it shall come to pass, that all they that look upon thee shall flee from thee, and say, Nineveh is laid waste: who will bemoan her? Whence shall I seek comforters for thee?Ē There was no prophet then to help Nineveh. In Jonahís time they repented. But when they went back again there was no one to help.

††††††††††† If you know the laws of God you can be a blessing. No evil mind can prosper in this world. No man who wants to displace Godís Word and Godís fear in this world can prosper. Our example must bring in the fear of God into this world. The fear of God leads on to conversion and conversion will end in the love of God. If you do not develop properly in your spiritual life, thousands will perish and among them will be your own relatives and may be your own children.