December 22nd, 1956                                       "Spiritual Quality"                                                    Late Mr. N. Daniel

Luke 2: 1-35

Joseph and his mother marveled at the things that were spoken of Him. Event after event was bringing to them a new revelation of the babe and a new sense of responsibility. A great son is a great responsibility. The parents must be spiritually alert and qualified. Do not think that these parents became an extraordinary man and woman all of a sudden. Much went into their training. A home of this quality cannot be created all of a sudden. Their ambitions and desires were heavenward. The makeup of their youth was very different. Do not take the home life of Jesus as that which was created all of a sudden. The parents were simple people. The growth and achievement in life will depend on the foundation that is laid in the days of youth. After a careless youth, you cannot build a spiritual home all of a sudden. I marvel at the simplicity and greatness of Mary and Joseph! How sublime, dignified and holy is the story of this home. There is a great wealth for Christian people in this story.

There was a man in Jerusalem named Simeon. We do not hear of him before this. He must have been a quiet man. He was just and devout. For four hundred years there had been no prophet in Israel. This man was expecting a great fulfillment of God’s word. Every man who reads the word of God and meditates on it, will have glimpse into the mind of God. Development of psychic powers help one to thought-read others. Prayer not only helps us to thought-read other people but also to thought-read God. When your heart is purified and you fill it with the word of God, you will look with God into the future. You will have a certain spiritual magnetism which will attract people to you that you may give them the Word. How happy Simeon was when he took up Jesus into his arms! Christ has come as a Saviour to the world, the glory of Israel. It was a light to lighten the gentiles. This old man prophesied the sorrow the mother would have to face. Simeon seemed to see the anguish of the cross. After a glorious ministry for 3 years Jesus would be hanging on the cross. I do not know how this mother bore it. Studying the word of God will give you the right kind of spiritual development. There is a spiritual development that brings self-glory. Beware of it! Such a thing does not happen to those that study the word of God. Simeon was waiting for the consolation of Israel. We must pray and look forward to the strengthening of the church. The church must become strong and effective. Our Fellowship must develop in the proper way and produce great men for God. Do not think only of yourself. You must first secure your spiritual life. Then you must expect God to do great things in the church. Wherever we preach, people must prostrate themselves before God. Individuals, families and churches must turn to God. Simeon came by the Spirit exactly when Jesus came into the temple. That is how the Spirit guides. Spiritual life is a privileged life. The world is hungry for prophesy, people will worship God. They will know that God is your prayer-life, God will give you such power that people will be convicted even as they approach the place where you stay. You will be so charged with divine power. Simeon was charged with the Spirit of God. His prophecy was used to strengthen the faith of a family that could not understand the events that came so fast and so wonderfully into their life. The quality of your spiritual life should be of a very high level.