December 22nd, 1962                               “The Thoughts of God”                                         Mr. N. Daniel


Psalm 139:23 “Search me O God, and know my heart; try me, and know my thoughts.”


            This is a very great prayer. Some of the prayers of David are very deep and very revealing. One thought of Nebuchadnezzar made him lose his kingdom. Take care of your thoughts. You may lose your family by one wrong thought. You may ruin a nation if you are a king. One thought dominated him and he lost his kingdom. David says “How wonderful are thy thoughts.” The truly greatest men of the world are so because of the thoughts of God. Jesus Christ was nothing but the thought of God in flesh and blood. Twenty centuries have gone by since he lived on earth. Nobody could ever find any fault in that life. He is the most dependable deity the world has seen. God has shown Him to us. It is God’s thought that produced the incarnation. He gave the truth to his disciples. Those who imbibed it became like Him. In the east we read of a woman of a fine family. One thought of hers ruined her. Thoughts are so powerful. When it is the devil’s thought, he wants it to be executed very quickly. When you are urged to do anything so quickly that you don’t even pray about it, then it is the devil. The devil always says, “why pray and waste time.” When you are in church a single wrong thought can dominate you. It depends upon the atmosphere of the church. From the pulpit can come thoughts that are dangerous. Churches are expected to be places where godly men congregate and create a suitable atmosphere for the soul to grow in Grace. Now some churches have become fashionable resorts. Here in Vs.23, David is praying. All your thoughts may not be wicked but the devil can thrust in one thought which is wrong. But when you move with God’s children, it will be detected and put away. You may have entertained it for a long time but God will eliminate it. Even our sympathies must be in the will of God. They are sympathetic and kindly thoughts but are they of God? Nothing which is not of God must be allowed to grow in your thoughts. Your thoughts create your character. If you are with a proud man, you become proud. Hitler’s one thought “If I live I will destroy England”, finally brought Germany so low. It was the result of one evil thought. Our enemies may try to do us harm but if we are doing things according to the will of God, we will be safe. Psalm 12:6. When you read the Bible, you are reading the thoughts of God.

            One great comfort of the child of God is (Vs.2 & 3) “Thou knowest my downsitting and mine uprising, thou understandest my thought afar off. Thou compasseth my path and my lying down, and art acquainted with all my ways.” What a chance for God to help us! Then our thoughts are yet afar off, He knows it. Some of our wrong thoughts are from our friends. Every thought, put it before God. If a man makes an offer of a job or project work, great prospects, you must ask God. To be amidst God’s children and have all correct thoughts is a great blessing. Some of those thoughts are the promises of God for your life. Are you claiming those promises of God? If you don’t claim the promises of God, you will be claiming the promises of the world. You will rest on maxims like, “A man who works hard becomes rich.” The world affords many good things but they will carry you in a wrong direction.

            Vs.14. Today if we put our thoughts to the test in the sight of God, how many of our thoughts would still remain? An unconverted man’s thought vanish into nothing. From the beginning you may have been having thoughts that are not of God. Through a marriage, through a friendship or possessions or the position you hold, the devil wants to stabilize us in his ways.

            “I hate those who hate thee.” Ps.139:22. Some people are very dangerous. You must keep them at a good distance and settle down in the will of God and in the thoughts of God establish yourself.