December 23rd, 1962                                        “Following the Star”                                        Late Mr. N. Daniel


Matthew 2:42                                                               

            These men saw a star and they realized that it was an indication showing them that Jesus was born. So they began to travel from where? From east to west. It was not easy. They left their country in search of the Saviour! Many people say that Christianity Is a Western religion. We have our own religion. But the wise men were prepared to go to any place in search of the truth. Every wise man will travel to know the truth. All of us know that Jesus is the Saviour. But how many of us have seen Him and worshipped Him and travelled to see Him? Somebody told us and we believed that Jesus is a Saviour. But we never went to His presence. When you go into His presence, you are transformed. These wise men crossed rivers and mountains. They were rich. They could have sat at home in comfort. Have you ever travelled to see Jesus? I travelled long distances as a young man to attend students' meetings in order to worship Jesus. But I did not see Jesus there. Very often we go to meetings but we don't see Jesus there. I went to Sadhu Sundar Singh's meetings and saw Jesus. These wise men started. First we must leave our country, family and spend money also. We must leave our pride. Some say, “Can’t I find Jesus here?” Air is everywhere but we inflate the cycle tube and the football. We go to a place where there is a concentration of spiritual atmosphere.

The wise men travelled on camels. You have to get up on a camel and that alone will take us to a distant place. What kind of a creature is it? A camel crosses rivers quickly. It climbs the hills, balancing itself carefully on the plains. It walks steadily along the path. Mountains stand for pride. Sometimes we think it is unnecessary to pray - It Is waste of time. But when we are sick we want God and His people. Before such a situation comes upon us we must pray well. Have you started your journey? Many started their journey but did not find God easily. St. Augustine did not want to become godly too soon. He went on from sin to sin. He lived with a woman for sometime. His mother was praying for him. He left that first woman and found another woman. He used to say, "Not today, but tomorrow I will obey God." But a day came and he cried, “Not tomorrow Lord, but today, now itself, this very minute I want Thee."

Have you found Jesus? There are many valleys of despair. Many will discourage you: "Why so much faith - so much piety - so much prayer?" If anyone who wants to find Him does not find Him, he will go on seeking Jesus. Until he is sure that he is with Him and with His true children he won't be satisfied. In those days there were crocodiles in the rivers. They would swallow even elephants. Yet the wise men saw a star and so they went on. Many would have discouraged them saying that their clothes were soiled with the journey. They would have replied, 'We have seen a star - so we won't take rest.'

II Peter 1:19 Peter was with Jesus on mount Tabor where Jesus was transfigured. Peter saw a light on Jesus. So he talks in his epistles with assurance. The star shines in every heart. Is it shining in your heart? There was light in their hearts and that is the star that shone in the sky. Their faith was the camel that carried them to the place where Jesus was born. Has the star risen in your heart? Can you tell when you met Him? Can you tell your children that you have met Him? When I sought Him I found all the riches I need in Him. I get all the joy in Him, and the health in Him. He forewarns me of my future. He can instruct me. From the time I met Him he is keeping me. If I slip, I confess it. I find that He is always with me.

They travelled and reached Jerusalem. "Where is the king?" The Jews there were thinking of what to eat and what to put on. So they were surprised at the question of the wise men. Herod was a murderer. He killed his mother, wife, his two sons and the priest who was also his relative. Herod was perturbed. From Jerusalem nobody came to see the new born child. The Jews knew that a Saviour would be born, yet they did not go with the wise men. So the wise men saw the star again and it led them to Bethlehem. John Sung did not find Jesus in U.S.A in his theological college. He said that his home was better than a theological college. Where is Jesus? “We want to worship Him". That was the cry of the three wise men. Your cry must be “I don't want food or rest - I want Jesus only.” The wise men laboured and found Him. They praised Him. Life came into their hearts. It was a new grace. Never an evil thought or evil emotion crossed the heart of Mary. There, in her womb this child grew. There was heavenly life in the eyes of Jesus. Look at Joseph. He was a prophet.

One wise man brought gold and worshipped Jesus. Gold is not necessary for Mary's adornment or store. But it was needed for them to journey to Egypt. Others brought other gifts. Let us also worship Him.