December 28th, 1960                                         "The Spirit of Prophesy"                                          Late Mr. N. Daniel

Luke 4:16-21,23,28

Jesus Christ came back to Nazareth after His fast. He was different from what He was before. He was now filled with the power of God. He was filled with the Holy Spirit after His baptism. Then He was with His Father for 40 days fasting and praying. We do not know what happened there. But we know when one fasts and prays, a certain person is very troubled. That is Satan. When you try to draw nigh unto God Satan is very troubled. When you go with bad friends he is very glad. When you read the Scriptures your wrong thoughts are being removed and you are being cleansed. Jesus read the scrolls of Scripture in this synagogue. It was the book of the prophet Isaiah He read out that day. When you study the Scriptures and meditate on them and pray, the Spirit of God contacts your spirit and you get the thoughts of God. Through the Spirit we get the prophetic power and inspiration. The mind of man needs the proper food to be properly engaged all the time. If you fill your mind with the Word of God, your mind will be engaged in meditating on the Word all the time. If you know the Word of God you are safe. The body has to be brought under God’s control. All these things Jesus did. We do not know how weak Jesus became in body during His fasting. Satan attacked Him. But He overcame him. Then He returned to Nazareth. He went into the synagogue as before. They gave Him the book of Isaiah. He opened and read the portion that referred to Himself. All bore witness to the gracious words that proceeded from His mouth. But soon they were very angry. He told them they were having an unique opportunity. He was speaking with authority. They rose and thrust Him out. Jesus did not resist them. He prophesied that they would say to Him one day, "Physician, heal thyself."

Jesus preached through the spirit of prophecy. If you talk to man on their level people will like it. But if you talk to them on the prophetic level-- the Word of God that comes to you from above, they will be angry. Those who accept those words will come to life. Dead bones will live. When you speak the Word parents will be offended first. Your own relatives will hate you. If you do not speak the truth you will go down spiritually. But if you speak the truth and stand by it your relatives will be converted.

They wanted to kill Jesus. Jesus settled down in Capernaum. It was a town by a lake. Many of His disciples came from that place. As He was preaching in Capernaum devils shouted out His name and trembled. The devils recognised Him in every place. Jesus crossed the lake and went to Gennesarat and met the man who dwelt among the tombs because he was possessed with devils. Jesus healed him. But the people of the town came and asked Jesus to go away. They wanted the devils and the pigs. People are just like that to-day. They want the pigs and the devils and their positions but not Jesus. Are you praying? Are you prophesying?