“Live Worthy of the Gospel”                                       Late Mr. N. Daniel


1 Samuel 2:12

            This is the priests’ family. But the sons of Eli knew not the Lord. In these days many children of the leaders are like this. When judgment comes, it comes severely on them without remedy. The office of the priest is privileged and prerogative. The Israelites worshipped God at Shiloh. The city Shiloh was in the land of Ephraim. The tabernacle was set up there. People were offering sacrifices there. The sons of Eli did not know God. In many of our Christian homes children do not know God. You are always exposed to danger when you do not know God. Eli was satisfied that the priestly work was somehow going on through his sons. It was really a criminal neglect on the part of Eli, that he did not set right their religion. If the father throws the daughter or son into the pit how would you assess his religion? Eli himself was good. But his goodness did not take his sons to God. They did whatever they liked. They took away the best part of the sacrifices even while it was getting ready for God. People were disgusted and hated to bring offerings to God.

            In a certain place I asked people. 'Why don't you give offering to God?' 'What is the use of giving it? The money we give to God is misappropriated,' they said. Even pastors or some other people steal it. I was a treasurer in my church for a long time. I trembled when I received the church money in my hands.

            God is watching when we are offering our sacrifices. At first Eli's sons sinned by stealing the flesh. God was offended. Then they fell into sin with ignorant women who came to the temple. When men do not know God and are given high position in the church they become wicked. One may go to the theological college. It is of no use. Conversion is the first step. Then you must control your flesh and tongue. Your eyes must be sanctified. Your itching ears which want to hear bad things of others must be sanctified. Your quarrelling nature must be subdued. After my conversion God asked me not to speak much. So whenever I spoke much I slapped myself on my cheeks. But I did not improve much that way. So I began to pray. In the dining hall even though I wanted a second helping I did not want to open my mouth. We are those who have to be trained as priests. My friends watched that I was eating less and they instructed the servant to serve me more. But God's instruction and discipline was that I should eat within a limit.

When godless men eat more, they become wicked, Eli's sons became adulterers. It is better to die than to become adulterous in the house of God. The choir members bring so much sin into the church. It is better to be removed than to continue there when their thoughts are wicked. It is not easy to preach in the church. Your eyes must be pure. At one town there was an old pastor – a good man. He asked me to come and preach. We think it is an honour to preach. But we may bring back a curse with us. Unless we know God and make others know God we receive a curse. I prayed and prayed and sanctified myself and then went and preached.

A certain big government officer came and asked me to help his wicked daughter. We prayed and she was converted. She asked her father to get converted. He said he did not want such a right about turn in her. Without conversion he himself used to go and preach. When he was sick in his old age he had not the faith to ask for prayer for healing. He used to offer me money. I used to say "I will be glad if you are healed. I don’t want to see your money but your faith."

Be careful how you use your money. How do you use the house of God? We are very careful to show Christ and none else here. The priesthood is an honourable post. When you preach from the pulpit angels will come there. Some godly men saw visions at the pulpit. If you sing with unity you will get God's visions for your future. A place of worship is wonderful. Keep it pure. When you come, come with prayer. Come for a revelation of God when you hear a message here, go home and pray over what you heard. I pray, "Lord enable me to live what I preach." I am not just preaching to you but to me also and to my family.

When Eli's sons were perishing a man of God came. I Samuel 2:27-34. The priest's house had desecrated the house of God. When people are consecrated, they will not accept the priesthood unless they overcome the flesh. It is very dangerous otherwise. It is not a light thing. You can agree to be a clerk or a policeman but not a pastor. Only holy people are fit to preach. Many of the theological students do not know how to pray. Their messages are collected from books. They won't help people. Every message must be prepared by God. A pastor who later became my father-in-law often used to ask me to preach. But I used to refuse. Unless I had time to fast and pray and sanctify myself and get a message from God, I would refuse. I would want to go alone and spend my time with God.

A theological school must be a sanctifying school. We must not get only a mental knowledge there. I Peter 2:9. St. Peter calls all of us priests. Why? We have come into the marvellous light of Christ. When you come into this light no darkness will attack you. This light of Christ will search you through and through. It will destroy the evil in you and kill the evil goals in you. As we are reading the Bible we are taking in medicine. The X-ray of God is piercing your body and killing the germs. When you repent every morning in your morning watch and you feel sad and tell God your condition, it will remove the dirt and germs in your heart, soul, and body. The word of God is God. A certain woman came and touched the hem of the garment of Jesus. She had found it difficult to get up from her bed. When she saw Jesus in her own street, she got strength. The woman went amidst a crowd of men. The Jewish women would not normally do such a thing. They had a kind of deep modesty. If a man had pushed her she would have fallen down. So weak was she. But she came nearer and nearer to Jesus and there she touched the hem of Jesus' garment. Virtue went out of His body into her body. Jesus' personality was full of virtue flowing out to heal her. He was full -100%. Suddenly His power came to 50%. He realized that power had gone out of Him. He wanted to know who had touched Him. Our talkative Peter was there. He said, "We are all falling on you and you are asking who touched you." Their touch was not the touch of faith. She was healed. She got back her lost strength. She came before Jesus and told Him the story. This is what happens when you read the Bible. First you must have the knowledge of God. You are priests not only to the church but to your family. Every man should be a priest. His priesthood is not to beat his wife and to show his authority over her, but to teach his wife and children.

Hannah taught Samuel and Sarah taught Isaac. The words of a mother always stand in the minds of children. Prince Charles belongs to the royal family of England. But God has chosen you to belong to His royal family. God will place you in some place where hundreds of thousands of souls will get life and light from you. God may place you in an office or in a school. Some managers of schools know that our converted teachers do not tell lies. They are afraid to ask these teachers to sign certain papers because they know that these teachers will not sign. Some say, ‘Today is Sunday and we won't attend such and such a business meeting.'

Our newspapers say that we must serve our country in our thoughts, words, and deeds. What thoughts have we got in us for India? A man who receives bribes, - what thoughts will that man have in his mind? Psalm 112:3. God's word, mercy, and righteousness endure for ever. Once I was asked to go to Visakapatnam as a Headmaster, I asked God for His will. He gave me Psalm 110:4. God made me a priest. God's mercy endureth for ever. O Christian people, you are priests - royal priests. Satan has no power over you. Study the Bible. Get better knowledge of God. Claim the promises.

How did I get this blessing? I got hold of the promises and asked God, "Fulfil these in my life," God said, "Build the waste places." Everyday I am asking God for this. Use this Fellowship to build the waste places. I tell God, "You said that I would be a royal priest. Your mercy will endure." The promises of the Fellowship are yours too. Don't lose this priesthood. This enduring righteousness must be in us!!!