II Cor. 7:1; I Cor. 6:20                            “Walking In the Spirit”                                  Late Mr. N. Daniel

Often we forget that we have a spirit. That spirit can have filthiness. St. Paul had a sound understanding of the truths of God. He understood the creation of God very well. He followed the truths of the Scripture. If we are not able to understand properly it is because of the filthiness of the spirit. As long as the Israelites were in Egypt there was filthiness of the spirit in them as well as filthiness of the body. The filthiness of the spirit was removed when they sprinkled the blood of the Lamb on the lintel and door-posts. Their eyes were opened. Their courage was restored. Idolatrous people are full of such filthiness. A man may be a great Mahatma but he cannot understand the truths of Christ. He cannot see the love of God on the Cross. Is there filthiness in you? Heathen practices are carried out in your homes. So you will not have under­standing. Heathen traditions like worshipping of ancestors, putting garlands around photos of parents and offering incense etc bring filthiness of the spirit. Anything that is not according to the Word of God will bring it. When you go to Hindu festivals where sacrifices are made to deities, you get filthiness. Many get possessed by evil spirits there. They can get epileptic fits. Foremost of all is the filthiness that blinds their spiritual eyes.

Certain bad habits hinder the work of the Holy Spirit in people. Drinking, smok­ing, filthy jokes and fun which is not right in the presence of God are such habits. Eph. 5th Chapter speaks about this. Whatever it may be, God says that every converted man must reach the apostolic state. Luther was able to come to that level. There was much filth of the flesh and spirit in the Roman Catholic practices in the church. Luther maintained the standard of the holiness of the apostles. That is not easy. We need great grace to maintain holiness. I wonder at Luther's steadfastness. It was due to the fact that he understood the Word and obeyed the Word.

Some of our habits hinder us. We must have proper Christian habits. A man who gets up at 8 A.M. or 10 A.M. will not grow spiritually. In your eating and in your dressing --- be careful. You must not wear a dress that was used by wicked men and women. If you ask for the mantle of Elijah or godly people it will bring blessing. My cook used to put on my shirt when he was unwell. It would heal him of his stomach ache and other ailments. A woman touched the garment of Jesus and was healed. Anything or anyone that has contact with God will bring blessing. Don't go on talking to an ungodly person. You get filthiness of the spirit. Some go and lay their hand on possessed people and they get that possession. 

II Cor. 6: 16-18, "I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you. And I will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.” It may be in your father's house where you live, you are not able to pray. Your father sold away somebody else's property and built your house. There, you cannot pray. In some places I could not pray at all. After a long time I succeeded in praying.

Your parents can bring the filthiness of the spirit into you. They may spread darkness. So come out of it. God will be your father. Some go and marry in Hindu homes right against the Word of God. All through their life they will be miserable. They ruin their home. They cannot bring up children in the fear of God. Real life begins at the time of marriage. You want to have a home and children. When you marry in a heathen home, you will have the devil in your house. You and your wife cannot pray together. Some say that they can convert their wives to Christianity. You yourself are not converted before the marriage. It is likely your wife may convert you to heathenism. Parents think of taking their sons and daughters to a pastor and he can perform the ceremony. A pastor can bury people as well as marry them. They are just ceremonies.

In monasteries Luther learnt good discipline and good habits. He had some mistakes. Yet, he was cleansed in the blood of Jesus. Then he became an apostle. He made great self-denial. He risked his life when he condemned sin in the Church. He expected death at any moment. The whole world may be against you. Yet your spiritual courage will be unparalleled. You can say with St. Paul, 'I can do all things through Him who strengthens’ me. When you are born again, God’s aim is that you should become like one of His apostles. His aims and purposes are very great. But you are distracted and turning your attention away. The world is coming into you. Remember the saints kept the world away. I have a formula.

Revelation X Faith

Lust X Pride X Vanity

You must multiply your revelations with faith and the denominator must be reduced to nil. Then great will be your achievement. You will be on the royal road. Even in this body you will see the golden gate of heaven. Last night I spoke to you about the guileless life.  An Israelite indeed in whom is no guile. What a commenda­tion! Jesus took into His group such a man. Nathaniel brought in a great quality. Guilelessness -- you can take that guileless man to any secret room of your house. You can dwell with that man safely. Jesus could not say this of other apostles. Jesus welcomed him. Are we guileless? Is there a woman who can live with another woman without friction? Jesus can give such a quality to you. No danger or trouble stems from you - no deceit, no evil. You are totally a blessing. Whatever you do, is a blessing. Your activity is a blessing·. Your presence will drive away the powers of darkness. Others' children will dwell safely under your influence.

                        Gal. 4:6 When you are fighting against the filthiness of the spirit and flesh, you can see that God sent His son and sacrificed Him for you. That spirit - the Son's Spirit is available to you. When you cry to God and pray, it is the cry and prayer of Jesus. When you touch a patient it is the touch of Jesus. You are adopted into the family of God. You don't feel estrangement when you go amidst the children of God. You will feel that you are one with the angels. There is no filthiness. You yourself will be able to discern quickly where there is filthiness of the spirit. You won't go there. But if you have to go there, you will dispel the powers of darkness. When Jesus walked on this earth, the darkness fled. Some possessed people said, "Why did you come?” 

You will become a son. You won't behave like a servant. “Lord do this. Lord do this…” Some pray only like this. But if you are a son, you won't say like that. My grandchild just enters my house and asks what she wants. My wife gives it to her. She stops her work and answers her need. Those requests are like precious com­mands. Jesus begot us by His wounds. He is happy about us. He simply cherishes our prayers and treats them like precious commands which tug at His hands. God's purpose is to lead you to conversion and make you call Him 'Abba Father'. You can walk in His palace very freely. When children are small they ask for candy. When they grow up they ask for silk sarees or fine suits. What will you ask? You will ask for the robe of righteousness. No arrow can pierce through and the devil's angels know that you are going this royal high way. They themselves get confused when you wear that robe of righteousness. When you have that robe, it shows you have come home. The calf is cut. The ring of authority is seen on you.

V. 19 God is looking at us to see that Christ may be formed in us. When we are in heaven we will each be like a little Jesus. Once In a vision Sadhu Sunder Singh wanted to know where God will put His seal on the people in heaven. So he was looking at every face. Every one was like Christ. That is the seal. St. Paul says that he was travailing so that they may become each a little Christ.

Purify your house. Angels will come into your house. An angel came to Mary's house. The people of heaven cannot bear the smell of sin. They cannot stand it. Mary was a praying woman. She was a daughter of God. So an angel came. When your house is holy, the angels will come and the Lord will come and dwell in your house. Rev. 3:20 It is true. He loves to come to your house.