Amos 4:12                    “God Wants to Make You A Blessing”                LATE MR. N. DANIEL


A certain teacher was going home. A man gave him a tract which read, "Therefore thus will I do unto thee O Israel: and because I will do this unto thee, prepare to meet thy God, O Israel." He took the tract and went home. Within two weeks he met God. Brought up in a good Christian home, he had good habits but does not mean that one lives a victorious life. After one is converted, one will not be afraid of meeting the Lord. Once a man's car slid and landed in a canal by the road side and turned upside down. In the canal under the water within an upturned car he prayed for a chance to seek the Lord and be converted. If a man is born again, you can place him anywhere, he will convert that place. God is asking each wife, "Have you brought a blessing to your husband and children and parents-in-law?" Perhaps your contribution was money and vanity to your new relatives. Are you a blessing today? If God meets you, what is your answer? Young girls marry and make the young men of no use for Jesus. They want to marry qualified and highly salaried men. What for? The world is their goal.

Am I improving the faith level of my family? Am I lifting my husband in faith? The fear of God is a treasure. Isaiah 33:6. God is looking at us and watching us. We had great fear of fornication and adultery. Can you say, "I have been clean." You misuse your body before marriage. Then how can you be happy in your married life? "Make me a Joseph" was my heart's greatest yearning. I did not pray for God's protection or blessing on food. Joseph loved his cruel brothers. Can you love like him? Let us be very careful about our homes.


There are evil spirits in some families. Men do not know it. By beauty and money some men are attracted to marry there. Then they suffer all their lives. There is much knowledge in the Word of God for those who seek God. God does not want to afflict us. He has no joy in afflicting us. A certain teacher came weeping to me. Every time special meetings were arranged in his place, he would plan to leave the place. Every time he ran away from the meetings, his son would get ill. He understood he was the cause of the suffering of his son.


 Our God is a great God. What will you do with your children? Can you bring up your children in the fear of God? Many blessings will then come out of those homes. Will our home speak of the glory of God? Will your daughter be a blessing? God said to Abraham, "I will make you a great blessing." To trust in God is a great blessing. I never deviated from the truths of this Book. God never forsook me. He will not leave you either.