Angelic Power in Man

Luke 6:10-19

Sin is the hindrance which prevents us getting power through prayer.  Such a person who hides sin does not know Heaven.  Sundar Singh never carried any money with him.  He believed that God would give him everything.  His father sent him money to make him comfortable but Sundar Singh said, "I do not need it, God is with me."  The father called him a fool.  Sundar Singh said, "God is with me.  He takes away all my sin. God will save me.  I am God-conscious and heavenly minded.  I lack nothing since I am His son and He is my Father.  I am conscious that I am a son of the greatest King.  I live in heavenly riches."  God has to send His Holy Spirit to remove the sinful and deceitful heart.  Man does not know what his heart is.  When we realize we are sinners we begin to pray.  Man is a child of hell.  The principle of sin is operating in him.  The new principles of life is not working in him.  He never realizes he is a sinner.  Money is not his servant but he is a slave of money.  One of the disciples did not transform others for God but committed suicide because he trusted in money.  Sin will destroy the angelic power in man.