Beauty of a Home

"... and there shall not be and old man in thine house for ever."

"... and all the increase of thine house shall die in the flower of their age."

"...Hophni and Phinehas; in one day they shall die both of them."(I Samuel 2:32-34)


Look at Eli's house. Women were coming to the house of God. His sons sinned with those women. They were married men but had no fear. How long will God tolerate adultery?

Judgment was passed. Children of those who serve God can tend to be careless. God will not bear it for long. Before God's hand comes heavily upon you, awake. There is no fear of sin in many Christian homes. When parents sin it is like opening the door and sleeping. If you are living in a forest area a tiger can come in. You sinned and hid it. If you pray, it is of no use. The protective doors are open. Know the laws of God. No doubt God is love. But He has certain laws. If you are a Head Master, you cannot give your son a high grade in his exam when he does not deserve it. There are some rules. If you are a judge, you cannot release your son if he commits a crime. The laws are against him. The whole universe is in God's hands. All powers are in His hands. But He cannot do anything if you hide your sin. Joshua led the people well. So there was blessing among Israel. All your enemies and all those who talk against you will not be found even if you search for them because you are obeying God. Fear God. We are not to fear this man or that man but fear God. We cannot tell a lie because our God will not tell a lie. For anything in the world, you cannot hide sin.

If you are ungrateful to God, it is as if your windows are open to the enemy. Many Christians are not grateful to God. We should uphold the standard of Christ in our homes. God will give you peace and righteousness. Holiness must be the beauty of your home. Is there the fear of God in us? Are we grateful to God?