Christian Growth

"Thrice in the year shall your men children appear before the Lord God, the God of Israel." (Exodus 34:23)

The process of Christian growth is your thoughts reaching the level of God's thoughts. Gradually your thoughts leave you and God's thoughts become more established in you. The responsibility of being Christians in this heathen land is great. We must realize our unfitness and ask God to make us worthy. In college did you show that you were a Christian? When your thoughts are all subordinated to Christ, then it is a great triumph. The soul begins to trust in God with naked faith. For sometime man trusts in God through voices, visions and so on, but a time comes when he trusts in God with naked faith. Madame Guyon says visions are gifts of the soul of a lower value, and one who depends on them ultimately doesn't become perfect. The Word of God must work in us and bring out of us such faith that clings to Him. As days go on, you begin to value God's Word and the devil will begin to tremble. The powers of darkness will fear and be on their guard. You march on and on until you find your life full of success. Not ten but a thousand are won for Christ.