The Goal of Christian Life

John 11: 1-30

We need to be trained by the Spirit to serve men in need. We must be able to do the highest and the humblest type of service. The highest service is communion with God and the lowliest is doing menial jobs if such a need should arise.

What is the goal of our Christian life? Is it the exercising of faith for the glory of God? When you rise in faith, at a certain level your body does not trouble you. All your energies will be devoted for the Kingdom's needs and you will not need to spend energy to overcome internal friction. External opposition however will always be there.

A man who has grown in faith must produce fruit. His life will be invaluable. There are heights where the flesh ceases to trouble you even in the days of your youth. Are you honest before God? Is your aim to glorify God? The sooner we obey God, the faster we grow in faith.

A heart with faith which never doubts God produces a life that never dies. Doubt is death. God is more anxious about our spiritual life than our physical life. A heart which always praises God and never doubts God will never die. Take care that there be no hidden sin in you. Make sure that you grow in faith. You cannot invest your life in a better way than in seeking to grow in faith.