“God’s Infinite Mind”                             LATE MR. N. DANIEL


You cannot see all of Jesus at a single encounter. We understand God through Jesus. All God's great characteristics are in Jesus. You will understand the infinite only in part. Prayer is the finite mind contacting the infinite mind. Moses and Isaiah saw in the infinite mind things relevant to their need. Deut. 18:18. The Word of God is a purifying agency. Our mind is full of seeds sown before conversion. If you water it now, those seeds will sprout. You must pluck up these weeds. Otherwise our mind can become strong to resist God. The devil himself was once an angel. He had a powerful mind. So he gets hold of a backslider. The devil wants to make use of you, because your mind is strong.


Matt. 13:33-43. It is possible to become a tare when false teaching comes into you. You do not discern it to be wrong teaching. It is allowed to go on and grow strong in you. Suddenly the devil will overthrow you. A man had sympathy for a young widow in her helplessness. Satan put a wrong thought into his mind. God has His plans of helping the helpless. He is just. Unknown and unseen God is in action. This man let this wrong thought sink into his mind and grow strong. When he went alone for prayer, God probed into the depths of his mind and exposed his wrong thought for what it was. Then he weeded it out. There should be a weeding out process. God can sow and the devil also can sow. One ought to take long seasons of prayer to examine his heart. Grow in holiness first. Women also are builders of the church. A Mary was needed for Christ to be born. Without Susanna there was no John Wesley. II Pet. 1:1-3. When we are not truly converted, we are covered with fig leaves. God tears out layer after layer of the old life. He removes the thoughts which are not of God. He uproots the love of money. Otherwise one day it will put up its face. What are the things which you love? You yourself may not know. Some how God killed my worldly desires. Now I do not believe in money. God fulfilled my desires for His kingdom. When your first aim is building God's kingdom money will follow you.


The glory of the Kingdom may appear today or tomorrow. If you stumble, do not say, “I am lost”. God will not allow you to literally fall. If a child appears to be slipping into a gutter the mother will not just look on. She will immediately pick him up.


Do not waste your life in vanity. Gather the riches of virtue. There are promises. “This is for you”. God will say during your morning watch, and it will be yours.


I was never enamoured by good clothes. I never loved clothes. If you are in need of clothes, God will give them. A girl with a beautiful heart is always beautiful. In decisions of marriage your parents can be very persuasive. They may want to push you into wealthy and godless homes. Become rich in godly thoughts. When you walk in the street, people must know that you are a child of God. Do not go down to lower things. An aeroplane goes up high into the air. It rises above rivers and mountains God will lift you above all earthly barriers on your path of following Him.


Corruption through lust belongs to lower things. For some time the lower things may trouble you. You fight it out. Take care that unholiness does not creep in. Virtue! Seek virtue. Seek a practical life with actions that have a meaning. A girl with a victorious life will have magical power as it were to change people around her. Virtue must be supported by sound knowledge. Women can receive of the hidden knowledge of God. They can exercise faith.


Temperance is important. In talking, eating and loving be temperate.


Godliness requires cultivating godly habits. Thus you will show Christ to others. You will live your youth but once. God will protect you. Just kindness is not love. You can be so kind, that you do not want to tell that person the truth. Love tells the truth. Charity is a godly quality. Has your life brought conviction to others? You will not have a barren Christian life. You will bear fruit.