“Life or Death”                                                            Mr. N. Daniel

Deuteronomy 30: 1 7-20


You cannot bend God's holiness. We cannot change it. The world may make you feel it is inconvenient to love God. The laws of God are not grievous. There are warning signs to drivers on the roads. We do not get angry with the road authorities for them. In order to accommodate willful sinners, God will not mince matters. Read the Bible as the counsels of the loving father. Do not take off the label of potassium cyanide from the bottle and handle the contents. You will not survive to tell how it tasted. God will not put that label on a drink of orange juice. He wants us to drink as much as we wish. Turn away from your gods and uncleanness.

There is a record against you in heaven. Rev. 20: 12. Your secret works are recorded in a book. Tremble at this. Secret thoughts which men around you did not see are recorded there. How is your record before God? Even your body cannot take a lie into your system. Jeremiah 17: 1. Things chiseled on stone are not lost with time. Your sins are chiseled in your heart. Memory is a dreadful thing. The sinful heart will haunt you. You will suffer agony in your memory. One man said that at the age of 18 he committed adultery and it haunted him all his life. The Bible says, "Today I record it." It does not say, "tomorrow". We are fond of tomorrow. Esau sold his birthright for a little bit of food. He thought he could set right the loss later.

Once an alligator got hold of a boy when the father was away. "Father hurry up, I am caught." he screamed. When you are in sin, the devil catches your children. A constable took bribes. His very beloved child took ill and died in his arms. Spiritual death is an eternal death and a hopeless death. Whom are you going to serve? You may choose to be a teacher or choose to join the Air Force or be a railway guard. As you may freely choose your profession, like that, choose the blessing set before you. God sets before you Life and Death, blessing and curse. Choose Life!

My father's friend may be a judge - but if there is a criminal's record against me, he cannot do anything but pass a sentence on me. How to remove prejudice against the Word of God from the hearts of people? By our practical life. We live by the purchases we make in the market. By the words we speak, men will know that we are Christians.