God's Blessing

II Kings 4

If you listen to the Word of God, the Holy Spirit will help you. Elisha brought back the spirit of the boy. Christ makes your spirit alive. You will never go back to sin. The boy is raised from the bed and is in his mother's arms. We will be so too. If you are alive, you take interest in God's work. You will be active and want to do something for God. "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you." Do you want blessing, long life, peace, joy, health, education? and anything more? All these are contained in God's blessing. You change the order.

You are running after the world, you are dead spiritually. You are only on the bed of Elisha. There is no life in you. The Shunamite went all the way to Carmel. Don't lessen the speed. Run. The child is dead. There are people who flatter you. But the man of God wants you for Christ. Have you prayed till Christ came into you? Faith seeks. Faith runs. Faith pleads and prays. All the dead cells of the body of the boy came to life. The heart began to beat and the blood began to circulate. All your dead cells receive new life. Your heart pumps out evil blood. Christ's Blood is permitted into your body. Blood is life. Christ's life produces a different nature in you. You will hate sin. This is a wonderful thing. It is a gift. Faith works. Faith that does not have action is dead. It is the devil's belief. "the devils also believe, and tremble. ....faith without works is dead?" (James 2:19 to 20).

Are you on the bed of Elisha? Is that all? Are you going to be like this all your life? Has anyone come and met you? Was the body that hung from the Cross laid on you? Jesus calls you. Why? He wants you to share the glory of Heaven and to be one with the saints. You allow your own nature to die. You allow yourself to be buried. You allow your emotions to die. New desires and hope come into you. These come from the new life of Christ. It recreates your nature. O wise man without Christ! You will condemn yourself as a fool. Jesus called the rich man a fool. God will come from Carmel. He will come from his Cross. He will come and take you to the Cross and then down to the grave and will place you on the throne. Your place is there by His side. He weeps like a mother: "My son is not in my bosom. He is cold." God is calling you. It is the call of love.