God's Presence and Impact

"Even them will I bring to my holy mountain, and make them joyful in my house of prayer: their burnt offerings and their sacrifices shall be accepted upon mine altar;" (Isaiah 56:7)

God's Word will bring righteousness which will have complete control over you. It will impact the way you think. The Word of God brings an attitude which is altogether new. He will satisfy us with the Word of life in which the Cross will have its full impact on you. When you go into the presence of God, your whole personality is clearly seen. His merciful guidance and leading must be yours. In the house of God, you will become mighty. Angels will listen to your prayers. The vibrations of your movements must be under the control of the Spirit. Moses and Joshua were like that. They were holy. They were leaders of the nation. If you yield and allow the Word of God to operate in you, God will certainly use you.

Don't think that we can serve the Lord with partial holiness and go on that way. Judges will not listen to your arguments however reasonable they may be, when your dress in not in order. When we come to the house of God, we must be sure that Heaven is listening. Some hold a grudge in their heart and pray. Such prayer will not be heard. When their children are going astray, they call on God, their prayer will not be answered. The Law of God must possess the reins of our heart so much so that everything that comes out of us may be accepted by God. It is not a small thing for Heaven to declare about Jesus, "This is my beloved Son ..." God was pleased with Jesus. He died to this world to make us sons and daughters of God. In every aspect of life, you must be acceptable to God. What a blessing we would be then!