God's Promises - Our Strength and Treasure

".....he kept him as the apple of his eye." (Deuteronomy 32:10)

God says, "I will preserve you as the apple of my eye. O man who values My Word and the death of My Son, and the resurrection of My Son and is expecting His return -- you are preserved under the arm of God. I cover you with My hand because you preserve My promises within your heart." Many people talk about God's promises. But I don't see a careful life in them. We belong to a great God. He is very particular to fulfil His promises and prove Himself to you. For generations He wants to bless your progeny. You will build ruined places. Even ruined places will become alive. Your house will be full of heavenly music. People who come there will see a King reigning. The promises will bear fruit. Do you value God's promises? What are your promises?

God will come and fulfil His promises given to us. Will He find our waste paper basket full of them? Did we forget them long ago? When your eldest son was born, God gave you promises. But what did you do with them? What did Mary do with the promises she received? She treasured them up in her heart. If you think that your God is a great God and not an idol, you will keep the promises as a treasure. God has promised that His Holy Spirit will lead you into all truth. Certainly God considers children as precious. Are you treasuring up your promises for them? Are you placing the promises before God and claiming their fulfilment? We are poverty-stricken because we have thrown the promises away. How can God give us new promises when the old promises are thrown away? What was the strength of Moses and Joshua? - Promises. What is the treasure Jesus gave His disciples? - Promises. He won't give silver and gold to burden us. You must have concern for the growing children around you. The younger generation is growing. The world is around us. Let not the world enter into them.

We have cautions and conditions to the promises. God is particular and zealous to fulfil the promises. If not, God need not bother to give us promises. Who are the greatest men in this world? Those who appropriate the promises of God.