God's Revolution

"Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God." (Romans 13:1)

We are instructed here to obey authority. Our Lord also did not interfere with the then existing government. He knew that if there were things wrong in the government, his kingdom would surely overthrow it. In 400 years, the corrupt Roman Government was thrown down and Christian men had to take up the government of the land. When spiritual standards are maintained, false standards will be thrown down. So we must not start with fighting the government. The government must run or maintain order. The government may try to do it by fair means or foul. We have to fight, not the government but human nature. Jesus attacked human nature by replacing it with His divine nature. Christ did not encourage refusal of paying tribute. But He was sowing seeds which would overthrow the corrupt Roman kingdom and the corrupt Jewish society.

Jesus knew that the Word He was teaching would bring a revolution. When we begin to obey and to teach the truth, there will be a revolution. The gospel must be given to people. A Savior has died for sinners. You cannot do good without giving the gospel.

Yielding to our relatives and pleasing them at the expense of our spiritual life is not love. If we are burdened for the church, we must start a movement that will produce members who will love the Lord and believe the gospel. The Lord is sowing into your heart, the true principles of life.

Owe no man anything, but love. It is very difficult to reach the level of our Master but He will give us grace. Moses was not discouraged by the great task before him. He believed in Him whom he saw in the bush - the Great I Am. Pray for your neighbors, your boss and your colleagues or else the devil will use them against you. Do not be afraid of big officers. When an opportunity comes, flash the light you have on them. Let us grow in that divine nature which will bring great upheavals causing false religion and governments to crumble before Jesus Christ.