Good Will - the Greatest Thing

"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men." (Luke 2:14)

Christ was born. The bells of Heaven began to ring. Angels left their home and came to the earth. They rejoiced to sing: "Glory to God in the highest. Peace on earth. Good will toward men."

Ethically the greatest thing a man can possess is good will. There is no sin of any kind in good will. You may aspire to do good. But it may have an adverse effect. But good will is pure: If you have good will you will rejoice saying, "Oh, God has given to my sister a better thing than to me. I praise God." The world is suffering because there is no good will among people. A man of God will not think of himself. He will pray, "Lord, what you have given me of this world is small. But You have given me Your peace and I enjoy Your presence. " Other men might enjoy the fat of the land but will you not vouchsafe to them your presence also? Let them enjoy the best that I enjoy." You will never be sad that you don't have this or that. You are satisfied with what God gives you. "God has given me this one shirt. That is enough. It is now torn a bit. I will mend it and use it. Thank God He has given me a way to do it," you'll say.

GOOD WILL! What did Jesus have? Always good will even for His enemies.

If your brother is weeping you mix your tears with his and thus share his sorrow. If your brother is laughing, you can join in louder and add to his joy. Reducing others' sorrow and multiplying their joy! What a great gift Jesus gives us!

What a wonderful month this is! Year after year we think of a holy, immaculate Savior. Oh we can't fathom His love. What blessed people we are!