"Thrice in the year shall your men children appear before the Lord God, the God of Israel." (Exodus 34:23)

God knowing human psychology, gives His people instructions, so that gratitude may grow in them. Many of us suffer because of lack of gratitude. The measure of your faith is the measure of your gratitude. To remember the day of your salvation, the manner in which that blessing came upon you, the way He delivered you from sin and the world's companionship, to know that which He gives you now, is the highest. You miss something if you don't recognize and thank God for it. Some saints woke up in the night and thanked God. You must take some time to thank God. The Jews were asked to go to Jerusalem and present themselves thrice a year. It was a long way, with no conveniences of travel. Yet they had to go. What do you think they would do on the way? They would think of what God had done to them as a nation and as individuals. But they missed the Messiah and what God had for them in Him. These their journeys kept the hope of His coming alive. Sometimes they came with their families and made offerings in the temple. God wanted their firstborn to be given to Him. All these had a purpose and those that neglected these things suffered. Even today God has these instructions for us. How often we can indulge in thoughts and aspirations which are just against Him!