Growing in Faith

"Thrice in the year shall your men children appear before the Lord God, the God of Israel."(Exodus 34:23)

God asked the Israelites to come three times a year. It would be expensive, it would take time. God said, "The firstborn is mine." Obedience to this gives us more confidence in God. But giving material things to God is much easier. The faculties of the soul are important and can be developed greatly. Your thoughts can become prophetic, your words can be prophetic. The people who contact you feel you are a live wire. The prophets were like that. In course of time you will certainly be different from others. All your life, your one object should be to glorify Christ and bring souls to Him. You will reach a height of faith from which you will not fall. Our faith will run through correct channels and flow deeper and wider until it inundates society.

The sooner you get into His will and your will is destroyed, the sooner you will see the fullness of the blessing. God and you will rejoice. Your joy of salvation will be full. You will swim in the current of Heaven.

Moses went into God's presence, and came back with a face shining. He was a human being like you, but how different! Who gave him this honor? God! Our very walk, look and manner of life should be a teaching. This is the great privilege of being a Christian. Grow in grace. Rejoice in the Lord.