Hebrews 6: 10                                          “God’s Promises -II”                                        Late Mr. N. Daniel

God is not unrighteous. He will not forget your work. When we serve one another, we serve ourselves. The combination of faith and virtue purifies every individual. When you dilute an acid, its effect will be less. But when you add more acid its strength will be greater. We must be more and more filled with Christian virtues and holiness. It not only helps the group, but purifies the individual. Many medical students came and worked here when we first occupied this place. When we work for one another God is watching us. He will reward us in this way -- the whole group will be lifted and hallowed. The members will be naturally purified. When you grow up, you will lift the group also. Our prayers as a group will be effective. Our hope must increase with greater assurance. Our assurance of last year must increase this year. Don't be satisfied with your experience with the Lord. Daniel did not do that. God gives you many promises - but if they are not fulfilled you must not keep still. In my words, and by my anger, how often I displeased God! When God gives us promises He wants us to rise to that level of sanctity, where He can easily and speedily fulfil them. If we don't fulfil the conditions, promises can't be fulfilled. You want to be in the same condition and you want God to come down from His holiness. He cannot adjust. His ways to our standards. He wants you to come up to His standards. Do we not expect our children to rise up to our standard? After all we are created for God. Unless we have heavenly qualities we cannot be happy. My father once saw me in the house, in my work-clothes muddy with garden work. He was not pleased. We are unclean. We do not fulfil God's condition. When we hear the Word of God we must have a certain amount of faith. Otherwise we cannot believe, receive and appropriate the message. Psalm 15:1. "Lord, who shall abide in thy tabernacle? Who shall dwell in thy holy hill?" We must ask ourselves whether we are at fault.

"Speaking the truth in the heart". The psalmist is very careful about his thoughts. We must come to true and righteous conclusions. Very often we are hard upon others in our judgments. A very high standard of life is described here.

Psalm 15:4 Do we honour the people who fear the Lord? Very often we honour big and rich people.

Psalm 24:3,4 How many times vain things attack us! David seems to have under­stood, the deep thoughts of God. There are moments of carelessness. We must be watchful. God wants to look after you carefully as He looks after His eyes. If a fly approaches our eyes, or if we hear a terrible noise, we close our eyes. The eye-lids are very careful and quick. God wants to look after us like that. It is a blessing. When we commit a sin, it is like a hole in the ship which must be immediately corrected. If you are careful like that, you do good to yourselves, you will go deep into the love of God. You will see the heights of glory.

We must be in the proper company. Our company could bring vanity and sin into us. Once after my B.A. exam, the fellows asked me to go for a picture. I prayed. No good picture that day. They walked two miles and came back.

Psalm 78:8 Is my spirit right with God? Am I steadfast in my covenant with God? We have a spirit and God is Spirit. God wants to make you perfect. One day people will come to you for prophetic revelations. You can boldly help them. God will reward you for all your service. Let us not be flatterers. Let us speak the truth to our kith and kin. We must be careful to speak the truth in the heart and never lift it unto vanity.