Human Nature

"I have spread out my hand all the day unto a rebellious people,..." (Isaiah 65 : 2)

God analyses human nature. It is a rebellious nature. We contradict what the Spirit of God says to us. But God's grace always follows rebellious people. We are a rebellious people but God's grace is following us, waiting for a chance to change us. We can see it in the life of Jacob. God's grace was following him. He was of a rebellious nature, always doing his will which was not God's will. God's thoughts are very high. As the grace of God is pursuing us and revealing to us new things, our thoughts slowly come up to His thoughts. Once our thoughts conform to God's thoughts, it is a great victory. It is always a fight in human nature to conform to God's thoughts. God says,"... did choose that wherein I delighted not" (Isaiah 65:12). "I have not delighted in those things you have chosen", says God. When a mother sees a child choosing a wrong thing, she feels sad. We are not supposed to handle everything in the house. We choose wrong things. In God's Kingdom there are so many things you should not handle. There are great graces and great power. You hear somebody preaching a great sermon. You want to do it too. Can you sustain and feed the people who will be converted by your sermon? Many who are touched by a sermon, attach importance to the preacher. They must give the glory to God. Many want to imitate great men of God. Can you live your life at their level?

It is very easy to talk. Let us begin where we ought to begin. Jacob wanted many blessings. God has many blessings for you. He is following you with those blessings, but you are not letting God deal with your rebellious heart. You are not eradicating those thoughts which are not God's thoughts. You think if God gives you much money , you will buy this and that. If God gives you what you want, can you use it correctly? God gave Jacob much wisdom in rearing sheep. When he was fleeing from home, God showed him a ladder up to Heaven. He thought that he could all of a sudden reach the top. No. There are many steps. He didn't climb on to even the first step. "Oh! this is God's place," he said. He never repented. He never felt the dire need of God's presence being always with Him. What is our need? God! If God is with us, we have all things. Then even small things make us happy.