Inexhaustible Power

"For if ye live after the flesh, ye shall die:"  (Romans 8:13)

If we live after the flesh we die to usefulness.  The spirit mortifies the low and destructive activities of the carnal mind.  It keeps the physical body in tune to function by His Spirit.  "If ye through the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the body ye shall live."  As soon as you are born of the Spirit, the carnal desires are kept in subjection and you have a spiritual guidance.  As you obey that guidance, the human frame will last till God's great purposes are fulfilled.

'Be not slothful in business, but fervent in spirit.'  Life in the Spirit is full of praise to God.  As you are praising, the spiritual buoyancy increases and lifts you into the presence of God.  Suppose you are hanging on to a balloon into which Hydrogen is being pumped.  As it gets bigger, it goes higher.  There is always a buoyancy when you are praising.  "Not slothful in business."  When a Christian does business, he sometimes like to take liberties with God. God wants us to be equal to any one in business.  There is no place in Heaven for lazy people.

"For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost" (Romans 14:17).  The Kingdom of God is righteousness and peace and joy.  A spiritual man (not a carnal man) has a deep peace.  God is with him and he goes on working till the work is done.  "Joy in the Holy Ghost", Paul speaks of.  Joy is a great lubricant.  It prevents frictional forces.  Joy makes things very easy and much lighter.  Do not think you are doing too much work.  Through God you can do more.  God says, "You are My son.  Your capacity to do work will be like Mine."  ".... ye may abound in hope ..." (Romans 15:13).  Though everything may be dark around you, you will be abounding in hope.

He says, 'Be careful about evil, but God is going to bruise Satan shortly.'  What a triumphant note he strikes. To St. Paul Satan is non-existent as a power - he is no longer a power - but a defeated foe.  Man is an inexhaustible power when in touch with God. The moment you are lifted from the carnal plane to the spiritual plane, you will receive great power.  If you will obey God's voice and let His Word dwell in you, you will do His will and allow the higher spiritual ambitions to have right of way in your life.  Nothing can prevent all your prayers being answered, and your being an inexhaustible power.