Jesus' Rightful Claim

"Then they brought out the king's son, and put upon him the crown, and gave him the testimony, and made him king. And Jehoiada and his sons anointed him, and said, God save the king."

(2 Chronicles 23:11)

Some families are ruined by the children marrying indiscriminately into unworthy homes.  Home-training is most important.  We must not think of glamour but of the lasting joy of a family.  Marriage means a family and family means children and when children go astray all the joy is gone.  Athalia killed all the children of the kings of Judah.  But one babe was hid and reared secretly and then crowned.  They crowned the rightful king who was of royal lineage.  The wicked rule of a woman was thrown down.  A wicked power is ruling our homes and societies and Churches and countries.  There is one who has a rightful claim of kingship.  We must crown him.  This little boy was crowned king, and the Bible was put in his hand.  That was to guide him.  When you crown Jesus king, this is what happens - you are guided aright.  Do not expose your Christian life too early to the public.  Do not take up this responsibility and that, even before you are spiritually established.  You are being guided by the Holy Spirit.  You must wait till the Holy Spirit guides you into spiritual responsibility.  When you come into prominence, the devil can easily get at you.

This king was hid for eight years.  He was not exposed to the view of Athalia.  Let the Holy Spirit's warmth shape you.  The Holy Spirit will one day use you widely.  Peter once wanted to witness for Christ but only spoke lies.  Do not expose the Christ-self in you, until He Himself declares it.  He will crown you and bring you out in His time.  You belong to Christ no doubt, but be careful.  Hide yourself in the Lord's house till the Lord brings you out.  God will give you your homes and Churches.  When the boy was brought out and crowned the people rejoiced and Athalia's reign ended in the kingdom.