“A Sinner Given A Mission”                        LATE MR. N. DANIEL


John 4:28,29 "The woman then left her water pot, and went her way into the city and saith to the men, Come, see a man, which told me all things that ever I did; is not this the Christ?"


Like most women this woman had some kind of religion. But she had no fear of God. She lived in adultery. Jesus chose the hour when she went to the well and nobody could come there. She could well be termed the worst woman in the town. Yet Jesus was thinking of her and thinking of saving her town through her ministry. She had lost the sense of shame. She was proud of her beauty perhaps.


It is good to meet Jesus with our shallow religion.


II Samuel 13th Chapter was revealed to me when one man tried to deceive me saying that he was an evangelist. When I showed him the chapter God had given about him, it was as if God spoke to him. He was a hunter and owned a gun. He took his gun and tried to shoot at the pastor thinking the pastor told me about him. That man tried to pray in the congregation. It was during the time of revival. When the Spirit of God was hovering over the place I said, "You sit down. You will fall down and die like Ananias." He went away in anger.


When we talk to Jesus, our sins will come out. A medical student, the daughter of a pastor was secretly in love with a man. She said there were many hindrances to give up this affair. But God showed her the way.


God said, "I will lead you into all truth. I will give you my Spirit to keep the law." John 16: l3. God always led me into truth and more truth. In my youth when I looked at a woman I did not desire to have her. To keep in God's will was uppermost in my mind. I feared to step out of God's will. A woman means “The world”. If she knows the Lord, she can be a wonderful person. If Christ is in the heart, their nature is noble. Marriage is a noble thought and arrangement of God, between a man and woman.


This woman thought she was born to live in sin. Till now she lived in sin. Then she became a missionary. Jesus found the worst woman in the village and gave her His blessing.


Once she had been a curse and a snare to young men. Now she become cheerful and bold for God. Jesus' words brought new life to her, and henceforth she only went forward. People were watching her. 49 years ago I received this new life and I never went back by Gods grace. "Will I get more of Christ?" is the cry of my heart, for that is my wealth.


Let us go to the place where we can get Christ. Jesus felt, “I have found a missionary. Hereafter Sychar will be different. She will have all the fruits of the Spirit. This place will be changed.”


If you find Jesus, your eyes will have the light of heaven. If you are with the Lord, there will be no secret between the husband and wife.


You will run away from quarrels. You will seek peace. You will say I want peace. If anybody wants to take anything from my house, let them take it. I will not quarrel with anybody.


God will give you a new heart and a new name. Do not leave Christ for anything in this world. You will not be disappointed in Christ. I prayed for holiness and asked God to make me a Joseph. If you are not able to live a holy life, it is your fault. To live as a witness for Christ is a privilege. A holy life and a Christ-like life are most important.