“God’s Promises”                                                     Late Mr. N. Daniel


Joshua 1:3,5 This is a very big promise: "There is no man under the sun who can stand against you, Joshua. No king, no philosopher, no captain can stand against you."

What a great promise! How to preserve this promise and see its fulfilment? It is one thing to receive a promise and it is another thing to hold it. Once a woman found some gold on her pathway. She did not know where to keep it. She put it on the roof of the thatched house. She had no better place than that. In villages, people keep gold in pots. But thieves get them. They somehow get information about it. Do you know where to preserve your promises? Joshua must have swooned as soon as he received this promise. This is very high. Even Napoleon cannot stand against you. When God's promises are given how should you keep them? If we have money, we keep it in the bank. Which is the bank where we can keep our promises? We must not lose these promises. "Lord, can I keep all conquered places? Am I spiritually qualified? Am I armed to hold this against the thief?" You must ask. A very rich missionary (a millionaire) told me this. When he was a small child, his father took him to the bank manager and asked him to put all his money into the hands of his son. He took the bundles of $100 notes in his hands. He trembled. The men in the bank watched him and smiled at him. The interest was $1300 per day for that sum. But he became a humble missionary to India. He did not marry. Still he is alive. Where are you going to keep your wealth? Now and then you may go to the bank and enquire about the balance there. For one man the answer was 1/2 a Rupee. Suppose they had said to you you had some millions, you would feel like asking them, "Is it safe?" You go to the Lord and ask, "Are you preserving my promises?" Some lose their promises.

Josh. 1:8 If you do not meditate on My word, you may lose it. You may go to the bank and ask them. They may say you have no cash there. The word of God is not fulfilled in you. 20 years ago you received promises. Satan stole them all. You have nothing but defeat.

Once Joshua went against Ai. He was defeated. Are your promises safe? Is your spiritual life sound? You say once God gave you a promise. Did anyone take it away from you? You yourself can throw it away by not meditating on the Word of God. You are not making sure that your heart is right with God. You do not preach the Word of God to others.

When you meditate you learn much truth. You correct your life. Your promises are preserved carefully. In your thoughts you possess them more and more. What more do you want when God says that there is no man to stand against you? The devil himself cannot stand against you. All the forces of evil cannot stand against your family. The host of angels are watching over your family. Are you careful with your promises? Do you open the most secret places of your heart and see that the promises are kept safe there? How important are they to you? The devil wants to add some more. "Not only this, there is more," he would like to say. One man began to act like Sundar Singh. One could see he would be defeated because he was not careful to be humble. He was looking forward to honour from people. It was clear this man would not succeed. Are you sure about His promises? Joshua preserved them till the end of his life. They were important to him. Satan will give you many promises. "I will make you the Prime Minister or one of the ministers in the central cabinet." No. Is it of God? "I will give you a beautiful bride" - is it of God? I would always verify. Beware, beware! God's promises are great. Do not mix anything with them. The whole heaven is behind them! When I read Joshua's promises, I simply tremble. If the missionary boy trembled to carry the currency notes, how much more should we tremble at God's promises! Have you received and are you preserving and valuing them? I Tim. 4: 12 Be careful about your words, about your example, your love, your conversation, your spirit, your faith and your purity. If you are careless about any of these, God's promises are lost. After that when we claim them, there will not be any. You have not preserved them.

Abraham was careless. He received great promises. God said, "Be perfect before Me lest My promises go unfulfilled. I am Almighty. My strength is not limited. I am able to fulfill these promises: but you think that I am like you. You are careless. Sometimes you listen to your wife or you do your own will. Only when you obey, you will see the fulfillment of My word. I am not a man like you. I am perfect. I cannot rest until fulfil My word to you. If you walk according to My word, the world is going to be blessed in you. My promise will remain with you. Oh Abraham, you do not grow in spiritual things."

Very many of us receive promises and slumber. We must be alert. We are following a great God. God is NO MAN. You are treating Him as you treat any man. His promises cannot be broken but you do not value them. Be careful with your sleep and waking and talking. Why? You have God's promises. God's wealth is with you. You cannot afford to be careless. Be careful about your dress and inner thoughts. Be careful about what you have above what God gave you.

I Tim. 6:6 Are you satisfied? Do you feel "What 1 have is enough because I have got God's promises. God knows what I need. That man has a car. I do not want one. If I do need one, He would bring it to me. If I have it before time, it would smash me and my family. Godliness with contentment! I have enough. I have a Bible. I can read it. I have the company of God's children and a godly wife. That is enough. I have children. I will bring them up for God. I will put these riches of promises into their pockets. I don't want the things that man wants to give me."

Sodom's king brought gold to Abraham. But he refused it. He said, "What God gave me is enough." God gave him a son who valued heaven. God gave Abraham the promises which the world could not take away. What promises have you? Are you peeping in at them to see if they are safe? Are you verifying them to see if you are moving towards their fulfillment? Is the intensity of God's power and love following you? How fortunate you are! You passed your B.A. or M.B.B.S. But have you preserved His promises? The world can't give you godliness with contentment which is a great gain. When Joshua was retiring, he preached a wonderful sermon. "I and my family shall serve the Lord." Josh. 24:15 He preserved the promises. He did not allow the promises to be reduced or lost before he left it to his children. II Tim. 4:7 How many of us can say this? "I fought with the weapons of God." II Cor. 10:4,5. People don't know God's promises and therefore they don't value them. Don't mix with them any other thing. You should not mix with all people. Say, “I will be with God's children. I will sing with them. Whatever tradition is sanctified in that group, I will possess it. I have served the world long enough. Help me to be saved. I will meditate day and night in Thy word.” My strength is from God. My movements, looks, touch, are energized by the eternal and unbroken promises of God. What more do we want?

God says, "I will preserve you as the apple of my eye. O man who values My word and the death of My Son, and the resurrection of My Son and is expecting His return -- you are preserved under the arm of God. I cover you with My hand because you preserve My promises within your heart.” Many people talk about God's promises. But I don't see a careful life in them. We belong to a great God. He is very particular to fulfil His promises and prove Himself to you. For generations He wants to bless your progeny. You will build ruined places. Even ruined places will become alive. Your house will be full of heavenly music. People who come there will see a King reigning. The promises will bear fruit. Do you value God's promises? What are your promises? I remember God's promise which He gave me when I was in my last year of school. Ezek. 36:25-27. By His infinite mercy, I did not lose it.

God gave me another caution: Jer. 17:5 Would to God you get these promises and live them cent percent and multiply in them and be a blessing!

God will come and see the promises given by Him to us. Will He find our waste paper basket full of them? Did we forget them long ago? When your eldest son was born, God gave you promises. But what did you do with them? What did Mary do with the promises she received? She treasured them up in her heart. If you think that your God is a great God and not an idol, you will keep the promises as a treasure. I received this promise. John 16:13 Every morning I remembered it. God has promised that His Holy Spirit will lead you into all truth. Certainly God considers children as precious. Are you treasuring up your promises for them? Are you placing the promises before God and claiming their fulfillment? We are poverty-stricken because we have thrown the promises away. How can God give us new promises when the old promises are thrown away? If you throw away the sarees that your mother gives, she won't give you any more. What was the strength of Moses and Joshua? - Promises. What is the treasure Jesus gave His disciples? - Promises. He won't give silver and gold to burden us. Pursue all the promises this week. Is God using you to build this Fellowship? Are you sure you are one of them that build this Fellowship? We all have equal responsibility in this matter. If you build the Fellowship, it will be a protection for your progeny also. If you worship God, we will be one. Wherever you go, the Fellowship will go with you. We must be dove-tailed together. We must care for one another. I want holy children to be brought up within this compound wall. You must have concern for the growing children around you. The younger generation is growing. The world is around us. Let not the world enter into them.      We have great cautions and conditions to the promises. God is particular and zealous to fulfil the promises. If not God need not bother to give us promises. Who are the greatest men in this world? Those who appropriate the promises of God.