Kingdom of God

"... I am not worthy that thou shouldest enter under my roof:"  (Luke 7:6)

"I am not worthy that thou shouldest enter under my roof," says the Centurion. Here is a man who belonged to the kingdom of Caesar.  He wanted Jesus to come to his house.  He knew about authority and obedience.  In Caesar's army, like in any other army, there was absolute obedience.  In digging the ashes of volcanoes, there were found the bodies of soldiers standing erect with the sword in hand.  They had stood like that while the fire was falling on them.  Such was the discipline of Rome.  If it is so in the kingdom of Caesar, how much more should it be in the Kingdom of God.

Obedience in the Kingdom of God is more necessary and has more far-reaching results.  He knew that his house was not worthy.  It contained an image of Caesar, before which Roman officials were expected to offer incense.  Here was a man who being in the kingdom of Caesar, at heart was of the Kingdom of God.  There are two kingdoms - Caesar's and God's.  The people of Caesar's kingdom were full of worldly desires.  They love money and think of everything in terms of money.

A man in the Kingdom of God will not look at things through the purse but through God.  There is no end to His resources, or limits to His blessing.  God is behind such a man.